Tom Adams – “Ghost (Acoustic)”

Tom Adams – you’re a smooth player brother! Seriously dear-readers, dear-listeners, dear fans – check this guy out!  The opening moments of Tom stepping-up to the mic to lay an acapella beat as the foundation to “Ghost (Acoustic)” on-loop will already be enough to convince you that you’re about to check out something special – […]Read More

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You”

Jeffrey Aaron And The Blurples – “I Need You” – Single Release From his Prelude album, Jeffrey Aaron and his band of Blurples are out to absolutely make a huge impact with “I Need You,” the lead-single.  This epic song absolutely screams-out ‘single-worthy’ – I can’t even begin to explain just how close I’ve come […]Read More

Satish – “Brenda”

New video released to our page by Satish, aka Satish Dat Beast – he’ll demonstrate why that is with the monster-sized hooks in the chorus/flow of his single “Brenda” – check it out! Find more from Satish here at iTunes: More

Armada Named Sound – “Crush”

Sometime around about six months ago, we uncovered the wild, exotic electro-infused grooves & rhythms of Armada Named Sound and reviewed their Starchildren EP.  Still fresh in our mind as a band to always check-in on and see what’s going on with – it looks as if their creativity hasn’t taken a moment off and […]Read More

Phillip Foxley – I’ll Try ‘Till I Die

There are really not too many articles here at that come along before our original interview with the man of the hour today, Phillip Foxley.  Back in early 2013…I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with Phil through one of my first interviews here at SBS and getting my way back into the […]Read More

Michael Blu – “Choka Clean”

Michael Blu – “Choka Clean” – Music Video Release As many of you already know through the recent review we did on his latest album Mr. Spaceman, we dig this guy and certainly support the inspiring way he goes about creating his music. Here in the video/single for “Choka Clean” you get a perfect example […]Read More

Greg Reitman

Greg Reitman Let me tell you a few things about Greg Reitman that I know about, some that I’ve read about and a couple insights as to how his creative solutions through video can more than likely help you too. As a general rule…many of you already know that sleepingbagstudios has been an ad-free space […]Read More

DJ Dream x Mauricio – “Evil Angel”

DJ Dream x Mauricio – “Evil Angel” – Video/Single Release Here’s a real-rhyme based in thought-provoking lyricism with a rad super-colored video full of rad edits & serious imagery to support the music of DJ Dream x Mauricio as they collaborate & combine their talents on their new single “Evil Angel.” Seriously…the editing is completely […]Read More

N-Roque – “Elvis Is Reborn”

N-Roque – “Elvis Is Reborn” – Video/Single Release & Review If anyone could see the sheer panic on my face at the mere mention of anything to do with Elvis I’d probably run off and hide from embarrassment. Don’t get me wrong, I get it…he was The King blah-blah-blah etc. etc. – just understand I […]Read More

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turn To Stone”

This lady rocks!  Lynne Taylor Donovan has got a good classic feel to this music and a whole set of talent surrounding her in this video for the single “Turn To Stone.”  It has elements of rock & country with sharp dynamics and melodic harmonies in the music that support Lynne Taylor Donovan’s rock-raspy sweet […]Read More

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