Montaz – “Fuck Ya’ll”

Montaz – “Fuck Ya’ll” – Music Video Release/Review “Check this hard shit out.”  Word to that homie. Montaz speaks, spits, raps, eats, and sleeps the truth yo – and he’s definitely an emcee unafraid to let you in on exactly what’s on his mind.  On his lead-single from his mixtape Da Underground, this confident emcee […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 106

The First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week continues with a killer set of grunge-rock from Vancouver badasses Blackout Lights in 2015 from the stage at the Roxy in Vancouver! Come watch them slay a set of tunes with their original lineup back in the day – and stick around for a bonus […]Read More

SBS Podcast 062

Back in action for the first time since last year and ready to surge forward with the independent music-scene once again in 2019!  Rap & Hip-Hop have been stepping out of the gate with authority this year and settin’ off playlists with strong efforts from a whole posse of new emcees steppin’ up.  This show […]Read More