January Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Awwwww independent music-scene, you’re so good at keeping a secret it makes us blush. With a grand-total of zero subscribers so far & counting to-date, you’re doing your part to help keep your music hidden away from the world – congrats! Also, sarcasm is still a thing we’re featuring here, in addition to your music […]Read More

Montauk – “Welcome To You”

Montauk – “Welcome To You” – Music Video Release/Review I tell ya…every single time I end up checking out something new from Montauk I just want to go and re-watch Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind right afterwards, just to make sure I’m catching all the subtle references that I know have been made between […]Read More

Montauk – “Take Him To Montauk”

Montauk – “Take Him To Montauk” – Music Video Release/Review If you’ve been following along with our latest reviews or had a listen to the latest episode of the SBS Podcast – you knew we’d be back to make sure you’re paying attention & following up on the official release of the debut single from […]Read More

Montauk – Montauk

Montauk – Montauk – Album Review Been very excited to talk you all about this record.  You’ll have to take my word on a lot of this for now – the new self-titled album by Montauk isn’t out until November 23rd – but, you’ll also be able to confirm a bit of what I’m saying […]Read More

SBS Podcast 057

Time to unleash some solid gold tunes for your October listening! As always, a setlist stocked FULL of amazing audio entertainment from out there in the independent music-scene – come get some! You’ll find tracks from RVZoo And The Sugar Spun Elephant Band, The Owl-Eyes, Tough On Fridays, The Silver Bayonets, Gentlemen And Scholars, The […]Read More