SBS Podcast 048

The expected lineup of audio-awesomeness!  It’s been a while and it’s great to be back on the ol’ Podcast airwaves with a whole bunch of excellent tunes gathered from throughout the independent music-scene.  We’ll discuss evolution in sound, get ya details on what’s up out there with some new artists & bands you’ll want to […]Read More

SBS Podcast 042

A lineup full of inspired indie artists & bands sure to have an awesome year in 2018 – including rants on new music Monkey Fightin’ Snakes and Rainy Day Crush!  Tons of rad reasons to check this new episode out – here’s a whole list of’em below!   Your official show lineup includes: Crow Eats […]Read More

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Broken OFF Switch

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Broken OFF Switch – Album Review A couple years back, we checked out the versatile rock sounds of Toronto-based Monkey Fightin’ Snakes for the first time from a safe distance on the other side of Canada, back when the studio was in BC and we reviewed their Finish What You Star… […]Read More

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Finish What You Star…

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Finish What You Star… – Album Review A great mix of sounds, genres and styles all blend together in all-kinds of rad ways on Finish What You Star… – the new record from Toronto, Canada’s Monkey Fightin’ Snakes. With a sound or song somewhere in the midst of the nine new-ones […]Read More

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