Mississippi Moonlight – “Where I Belong”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Where I Belong” – Single Review “Some folks chase their dreams, but me I’m stuck here in this town.” Alright…chances are many of you read the last review on Mississippi Moonlight that just posted up with my thoughts on “Stickin’ Around” – the five-piece band put out a cut that packed in […]Read More

Mississippi Moonlight – “Stickin’ Around”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Stickin’ Around” – Single Review Look at that guy in this picture will ya? You know the dude I’m talking about here…the one with that luscious shrub attached to his chin – bassist Zac Blackwell.  It’s like he’s taunting me at this point.  My head will never be that rad. I mean […]Read More

Mississippi Moonlight – “Dresser Drawer”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Dresser Drawer” – Single Review I mean…it’s one thing to sound like a band from the deep south – and it’d be another thing entirely to name your band partly after it, don’t you think?  If that ain’t evidence of Mississippi Moonlight taking full ownership of their style & sound, I just […]Read More