SBS Podcast 077

Take a trip through ten powerfully emotional, sweetly charming & uniquely soulful tunes on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll get into all kinds of incredible cuts from the past to the present, discuss the madness of our recent site updates & struggles turning the beard of Jer @ SBS grey, and take […]Read More

SBS Podcast 054

Stoked to be back already with a shiny new lineup of tunes stylistically designed to keep your speakers full of awesomeness! Enjoy music from Xoxo Spencer, Mel Monaco, Amita, Meena Kaye Featuring Mee And The band, Major Moment, Alex Musicci, Trill Cut and Genius Picaso – plus we’ve got the music of Stephon Foster up […]Read More

Mel Monaco – “Single Again”

Mel Monaco – “Single Again” – Single Review A short, dramatic tune from Pop/R&B/Soul-singer Mel Monaco with her new song “Single Again;” in a powerful & edgy tune…the theatrical nature of the performance and music will grip you firmly. There’s something nearly Amy Winehouse-ish about the song…and overall it’s a cleverly written song that plays […]Read More