0198 – Lung Flower Music Video Shoot

Absolutely one of the most badass experiences we’ve ever had.  Filming sludge-grunge band Lung Flower two days prior to packing up the studio in BC in 2016 to move to Ottawa, Ontario was INSANE – talk about a tight schedule!  We filmed their video for “Beyond Burnt Out” and found a perfect abandoned shack in […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 068

Check out a live set from the first five years of SBS history with Lung Flower stomping all over Olympia Pizza in good ol’ Surrey, BC, Canada in 2015. Bonus video from rock-metal band Grenouer from Russia!Read More

0176 – Lung Flower (Live @ The Astoria 2015)

One of the raddest things about the music-scene in Vancouver, B.C., is also one of the aspects people complain most about…the ever-changing landscape of where bands can/can’t play.  We’ve seen brutal closures from Richards On Richards, Funky Winkerbeans and The Railway Club…in addition to dozens-upon-dozens more…but let’s not forget they tend to open up again […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 060

A diverse lineup of tunes from artists & bands out there in the independent music-scene that are taking the right steps toward that next-level and step in their careers.  Check out some excellent new music/videos from The Mountain Says No, Athmossmusic, VennmX, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, The Bingo Brothers, Kna-Lo Venge, Lung Flower, National […]Read More

0158 – Lung Flower (Live @ The Railway 2013/2015)

Lung Flower returned to the stage at The Railway Club in Vancouver a much more confident band than when we first saw them onstage in 2013 shortly after lead-singer Tyler Mayfield joined the band.  Becoming a four-piece from the five-piece they were 2 years ago, Lung Flower focused hard in 2015/2016 and played on every […]Read More

0149 – Lung Flower Album II

We unearthed some pics from our first experience with Lung Flower at SBS when they came out as a two-piece without their bass-player Kyle for a stripped-down, grunged-up, alcohol-fueled acoustic performance in the shed out back for the EverydayMusicTV project.  Playing their cult-classic “Death On The Crowsnest” – they were by far & away the […]Read More

0140 – Lung Flower

Always a guaranteed gong-show full of grunge & Jack Daniels…Lung Flower visited us several times at our location in BC and rocked the ol’ garage.  Recently promoting their album Effigy and playing festivals and shows throughout the summer, 2016 has been a milestone year for these sludge-rockers as their momentum continues to grow.  Check out […]Read More

0126 – Lung Flower (Live @ The Railway 2013) Album

Word on the street is that the Lung Flower crew is continuing to generate momentum following their recent release of their Effigy album and cross-Canada tour.  They’ll be playing the Bio Cup Canada Legends Valley music-festival later on this summer with headline act SUBLIME taking the main-stage.  Awesome to see these guys doing well and […]Read More

0123 – SBS Grunge Panel Album II

Additional shots from our time discussing grunge music on SBS Live This Week with indie-experts Tyler Mayfield (Lung Flower), Tyler Hutton (The Pit/Closer) and Steve Barmash (Blackout Lights) at our studio setup in Abbotsford, BC.  Awesome to talk to these guys, and we’ve run into them all interacting on stages throughout the city’s music-scene – […]Read More

SBS Podcast 008

Get your dose of weekend tunes from the SBS Podcast and the fantastic talents found out there in the independent music-scene! Keeping the playlist as diverse as ever, Jer @ SBS gets into what makes a song…well…a song(!) and ends up talking about production and how it plays a role in the atmosphere of our […]Read More