Love Ghost – “Quiet Voices”

Love Ghost – “Quiet Voices” – Single Review Right from the get-go back in August last year, in hearing Love Ghost for the first time through the killer song/video they put together for their single “Girl Pusher,” I’ve been a firm believer that this band finds their way to whatever they choose to define as […]Read More

SBS Podcast 064

We’re back with another killer set of independent tunes for ya! We’ll give you a whole bunch of reasons to be excited about this year throughout the episode, make some time to discuss the music of Love Ghost and Gonetcha – we’ll and play amazing cuts from Acharya, The Twelve AM, Tough On Fridays, Closer, […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Mr. Blue”

Love Ghost – “Mr. Blue” – Single Review Happy release day Love Ghost! What did I tell ya?  Back in August of last year, we checked out one of the main singles & videos from Love Ghost’s album Lobotomy, a cut called “Girl Pusher” – and I noted then, as I will again now, that […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Girl Pusher”

Love Ghost – “Girl Pusher” – Music Video Release/Review Stick with these guys…there’s definitely awesomeness at work here. At the very least, you KNOW you’re in for something completely badass when you look at a band’s social media pages and in the first two ‘artists we like’ you find listed – BACK-to-BACK – are Alice […]Read More