Love Ghost – “Beautiful Crime”

Well. This is IT.  This is either the best Love Ghost song I’ve ever heard, or just one of the best songs I’ve heard in general, full-stop.  Thanks so much for reading folks, it’s been a pleasure. Anyone that’s been within remote earshot of what I’ve had to say, or reading our pages over these […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Heart Shaped Box”

I was fourteen years-old when the shot went off. I was just on my way back in from lunch hour at school and settling back into the next class.  As history will tell you from the perspective of anyone who’s lived through an event of such colossal magnitude that rocks the entire world…you remember everything.  […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Uewo Muite Aruko” (上を向いて歩こう)

This…was a freakin’ spectacular idea. Even though we’re all fairly isolated right now, we’re not alone.  Back in 2019 Love Ghost toured through Japan, and they’ve been looking forward to making their return ever since.  Flash forward not too far ahead to brutal ol’ 2020 and no one’s going anywhere at all right now…so to […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother”

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother” – Music Video Release/Review “I killed my brother last night…I ate his remains…” So…. …..ummm. Well you can’t exactly compete with sunshine and rainbows like that now can ya? Grim!  Perhaps damn near even Grimm with two Ms!  Love Ghost have crafted an eerie tale onscreen for the new video […]Read More

SBS Podcast 081

Servin’ it up to ya 2x throughout this episode – the double-shots on the SBS Podcast return! We’ve got killer cuts from Batfarm and Jas Frank & The Intoits on the show today, brand-new tunes from David Stephenson and Love Ghost, and a couple classics from good ol’ Pinto And The Bean in the mix […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Let It All Burn”

Love Ghost – “Let It All Burn” – Music Video Release/Review You know…I wasn’t entirely sure, but I was reasonably sure that things were changing in Love Ghost after seeing some recent social-media posts…and indeed that seems to be the case here – holy lineup switches Batman!  The four-piece became a three-piece then added two […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Quiet Voices”

Love Ghost – “Quiet Voices” – Single Review Right from the get-go back in August last year, in hearing Love Ghost for the first time through the killer song/video they put together for their single “Girl Pusher,” I’ve been a firm believer that this band finds their way to whatever they choose to define as […]Read More

SBS Podcast 064

We’re back with another killer set of independent tunes for ya! We’ll give you a whole bunch of reasons to be excited about this year throughout the episode, make some time to discuss the music of Love Ghost and Gonetcha – we’ll and play amazing cuts from Acharya, The Twelve AM, Tough On Fridays, Closer, […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Mr. Blue”

Love Ghost – “Mr. Blue” – Single Review Happy release day Love Ghost! What did I tell ya?  Back in August of last year, we checked out one of the main singles & videos from Love Ghost’s album Lobotomy, a cut called “Girl Pusher” – and I noted then, as I will again now, that […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Girl Pusher”

Love Ghost – “Girl Pusher” – Music Video Release/Review Stick with these guys…there’s definitely awesomeness at work here. At the very least, you KNOW you’re in for something completely badass when you look at a band’s social media pages and in the first two ‘artists we like’ you find listed – BACK-to-BACK – are Alice […]Read More