JLuv – “Yo Me Porte Bien”

JLuv – “Yo Me Porte Bien” – Single Review Always excellent to find artists from along our journey continuing on their own adventures, surviving & thriving in the independent music-scene.  JLuv is prepping his upcoming album Versatile, a mix of songs in his Electro/R&B style sung in both English and Spanish in a 50/50 split.  […]Read More

JLuv – “Baby By Me”

JLuv – “Baby By Me” – Single Review I have it on pretty good authority that JLuv is surrounded by a whole team of people that really believe in his exceptional talent and expect this solo-artist to find his way to the big-time.  I can dig all the reasons why that would be after reviewing […]Read More

JLuv – “If It Ain’t This”

JLuv – “If It Ain’t This” – Single Review Here’s a man with some lyrical STYLE yo! NYC-based hip-hop/R&B artist JLuv puts on a verbal clinic of how to get the flow-rolling for real on his latest single “If It Ain’t This.”  Using a clever combination of a beat with a ton of dramatic-dynamics to […]Read More