SBS Podcast 070

All kinds of awesomeness & new info found on today’s episode! We’ve got new music from Jas Frank & The Intoits and The Kid Chocolate Band on the show. We’ve got classic cuts from Peak Arrival, Aztec, Swami Lushbeard, Collins And Streiss, and DWARF in the mix! We’ve also got one of the latest singles […]Read More

SBS Podcast 063

Yup yup! It’s that time again – come get some all-new cuts from the independent scene and stick around for news/info of all kinds about the bands & artists on today’s show! We’ve got 10 tracks that have never been played on the SBS Podcast before today – ENTIRELY NEW for ya, from beginning to […]Read More

Jas Frank & The Intoits – The Girl From Cherry

Jas Frank & The Intoits – The Girl From Cherry Valley – Album Review Music-scenes have always been a fascinating thing to me.  Certainly, there are times documented whereby one band will make it big and everyone else will move there to become a part of it…that’s one way that they tend to become established, […]Read More