October Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

After such an extraordinary accomplishment of managing to attract the attention of twenty whole music-fans from across the entire planet over only nine short months…it only makes sense that we’d continue to make massive strides, picking up our twenty-first subscriber within just ten months!  So uninspiring!  I cannot even begin to describe the hole this […]Read More

SBS Podcast 029

For those that have been waiting on a country-music episode…your day has finally arrived! Country tunes from throughout the independent music-scene including songs from Donica Knight, Jacob Bryant, Madelyn Victoria, Cody Webb, Ray William Roldan, Savannah Philyaw and Dylan Schneider. We’ll switch it up as well to end the show on a different note with […]Read More

Jacob Bryant – Through The Windshield

Jacob Bryant – Through The Windshield – EP Review First thing I’ll say is that what I’m about to say…well…I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt there was a time that applied to what I’ll say next… …and that is… Jacob Bryant, sir, if you’ll please indulge me…what I need you to do right now […]Read More

Jacob Bryant – Jacob Bryant

Jacob Bryant – Jacob Bryant – EP Review You ever have one of those moments where your toes hit the floor in the morning and you just KNOW you’re about to head down to your music studio to listen to something so far outside of your normal taste that those very feet attached to those […]Read More