Imani Wj Wright – Live At The Kennedy Center

Imani Wj Wright – Live At The Kennedy Center – Album Review I feel like I’ve run at least a couple of laps around my brain cells trying to jog my memory into place and recall whether or not I’ve actually reviewed a live record of any kind before.  I’ve posted up a ton of […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright & Muammar Muhammad – “Lately”

Imani Wj Wright & Muammar Muhammad – “Lately” – Single Review Imani Wj Wright continues to tighten up the corners of his relentlessly artistic signature style and sharpen the degree of accessibility in his material.  As I’ve been pointing out from day one on our pages here at sleepingbagstudios in support of this guy, the […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright & Muammar Muhammad – “Motherless Child”

Imani Wj Wright & Muammar Muhammad – “Motherless Child” – Single Review You know how it is people…Swano crew, in full-effect, takin’ over the nation one music hotspot at a time – that’s just how Imani Wj Wright rolls y’all.  This time he’s landed at Sofar in Seattle, playing for a packed house alongside label-mate […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright – “So I Thought”

Imani Wj Wright – “So I Thought” – Single Review Y’all not still sleepin’ on this man right?  Imani?  Imani Wj Wright? Yeah, you know the name.  I mean, you must by now.  I’m sure we must’ve featured this man up at our pages a half-dozen or more times since we first checked his music […]Read More

Muammar Muhammad – “One Option”

Muammar Muhammad – “One Option” – Single Review Really excited to let this cat out of the bag yo! I’ve had my eyes/ears on Muammar Muhammad for some time now…you might recognize him in fact from his time spent in the Swano crew playing in the band backing singer/songwriter Imani Wj Wright through songs we’ve […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright – “Home”

Imani Wj Wright – “Home” – Single Review This time I was ready for him.  I mean…when you gotta expect the unexpected, and you’ve learned that as many times as I have in reviewing the music of Imani Wj Wright over the past couple years…well it’s only fair that I was ready for him to […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright – “No Fair”

Imani Wj Wright – “No Fair” – Single Review I mean…I’d be the last person to say ‘I told you so’ – but kinda? Way back when…all the way back to July of 2017…I hinted at the fact that Imani Wj Wright was on his way to great things when it came to his music.  […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright – “Coffee Cup”

Imani Wj Wright – “Coffee Cup” – Single Review Gotta say – I’m really enjoying watching/listening to Imani Wj Wright’s music evolve.  Even from a distance, if you get exposed to enough of someone’s art or music, you can get a real sense of satisfaction in seeing an artist blossom into their own and navigate […]Read More

Imani Wj Wright – Envious Affection

Imani Wj Wright – Envious Affection – EP Review After checking out a handful of singles earlier on this year from soulful singer/songwriter Imani Wj Wright, the results of the review were a little mixed, but the main positive/take-away from that entire experience was that I indeed, felt like there was every reason to believe […]Read More