Ian Byarm – “City Lights”

Ayyyyyyyyyyy yo!  Milestone achieved…level unlocked…vibe mechanic Ian Byarm has just hit his tenth official single posted up online in just around a year…and don’t go forgetting to include the two EPs (Stargaze/Lost Souls) he’s released as well during that same very time-frame – he’s been puttin’ in the work!  Safe to say the last 365 […]Read More

Ian Byarm – “Ransom”

Ian Byarm – “Ransom” – Music Video Release/Review Well isn’t that slick!  If you’re listening closely and paying attention, you’ll notice that artist Ian Byarm has managed to slip in a sly reference to his last single “No ID” inside of the hooks in his new single “Ransom” – that’s playin’ it smart player, well […]Read More

Ian Byarm – “No ID”

Ian Byarm – “No ID” – Music Video Release/Review Flashy stuff homies! If you had a chance to check out the SBS Podcast posted up just yesterday, you’ve had the opportunity to hear artist Ian Byarm’s new single “No ID” – now it’s time to unleash the video for ya.  As I mentioned on the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 086

All-new episode of the SBS Podcast comin’ atcha! Find out about what’s happening with new artists & bands to the show like Ian Byarm, The Acid Jazz Guitarist, and Yukiya Endo – and make sure to stick around for killer cuts from Jehry Robinson, Ception Of Ty, Alex Musicci, Sienná, Colorstarr, DJ Serafin, and Eon […]Read More