SBS Podcast 040

40 of the most inspirational cuts we’ve stumbled upon from our first five years – and what a lineup of songs it truly is! Now to be clear…we’re not saying anything ridiculous like, best 40 songs you’ll ever hear in your life or any kind of click-bait headline – we’re telling it like it is, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 035

Killer lineup of songs, tons of different styles of music and loads of information about some of the awesome things happening in the independent music-scene including discussing new stuff from Hip-Hop artists Timothy Dark and J Speed, Alt-Rock from Ex-Okay and the Indie sound is represented by new music from Dave Wirth.  Rounding out the […]Read More

I, Useless – YouTube Singles

I, Useless – YouTube Videos – Singles Review So much to unpack here. First off…I feel like…for you to experience the music of I, Useless…it’s probably best that you know exactly what I know.  Along with the links to the videos of songs from the upcoming album Twister by I, Useless…was a short write-up that […]Read More

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