Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing – Single Review Expanding your circle as an artist can be a great thing…sometimes it can be downright “H.O.T.” folks. I’m about to go & tell ya that this is probably my favorite cut from Damien Q & his surrounding crew again…but there’s almost unique […]Read More

SBS Podcast 095

Come get some! We’ve got a special show for ya today on the ol’ SBS Podcast!  Artist Damien Q takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ve got an exclusive live tune from the man to go with his all-inclusive attitude, tunes from Acharya, Little Ghost, Salmon Friends, Annie DiRusso, Matthew Morgan, […]Read More

Damien Q – “Human To Human”

Damien Q – “Human To Human” – Single Review I’m not 100% sure if anyone out there is taking an official vote on this right now, but just in case, I’d like to put forth my nomination for Damien Q being one of the most fearless artists out there in the scene today.  For real…this […]Read More

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “Aftermath”

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “Aftermath” – Single Review With all due respect, I say humbly…I think I’m starting to catch onto this. Let’s be real here though…my experience with the music of Damien Q is about three singles long right now – which includes this new cut “Aftermath” – even now, it’s still […]Read More

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “Slow-Motion Dosing”

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “Slow-Motion Dosing” – Single Review What a bizarrely addictive track. I looked at that first sentence for a while.  I wrote it with a period at the end originally then thought to change it to an exclamation point, then settled back on my first instincts.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m […]Read More

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