Best New Sound 2020 Nomination – Day 6: Glenn Murawski

Our annual quest for the best returns! Posted in randomized order, the nominations for the SBS Best New Sound of 2020 get revealed from Dec. 6th – 15th! Join us in congratulating our official nomination of day 06 – Glenn Murawski! You’d be extremely hard-pressed to find an artist or band out there making music […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – 7-Days Of VGM Challenge: The Elements

Glenn Murawski – 7-Days Of VGM Challenge: The Elements – EP Review I think… …I think that this was a really good move for Glenn Murawski. You regular readers recognize the name & you know we’ve written about him several times in reviews of a whole bunch of records like his Clear Away EP & […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Cloud Remasters Volume 4

Glenn Murawski – Cloud Remasters Volume 4 – Album Review I know exactly what you’re thinking. You recognize the name Glenn Murawski…no doubt about that.  After something like a dozen reviews here at our pages and spots on the SBS Podcast, there’s no question he’s a familiar name here at SBS and likely to many […]Read More

SBS Podcast 098

Supreme audio entertainment for your ears without using a single word!  Come check out a lineup full of incredible instrumental artists & bands currently thriving in the independent scene like Blue Soul Ten, Armonite, Ception Of Ty, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Aminita Satori, Glenn Murawski, and 10 Waves Of You.  We’ll also be checking out one of […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies Volume 2

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies Volume 2 – EP Review This guy’s always gonna get an A for his effort from me. There’s a real beauty in the creative process when you can see it take hold, and Glenn has certainly tapped into that big-time over these past couple years or so as he’s revamped […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – The Lone Soldier

Glenn Murawski – The Lone Soldier – Album Review If there’s an inherent bias towards the positive in the reviews I write, it likely comes from one of two things.  The first being that I tend to set myself up for a successful listen…especially the more familiar I am with an artist’s work or what […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Revisions & Remasters: Volume 3

Glenn Murawski – Revisions & Remasters: Volume 3 – Album Review Well…what did I tell ya last time around?  I told ya he’d be back real soon. Though to be fair, even though I know Glenn Murawski is likely super busy in his bunker making all kinds of music during this lockdown we’re all in […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Posterity Wanes

Glenn Murawski – Posterity Wanes – EP Review At this point I’m sure this man needs no introduction to you readers of our pages…Glenn Murawski has been letting loose the tunes all year long, and in fact, if you look just a few frames over to the right of this very review on our main […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Absolver

Glenn Murawski – Absolver – EP Review Maybe it just hit me at the right time…maybe it was a set of sounds I needed to hear more than I knew or realized I did…whatever it was, whatever the reasons may be, “Aesthetic Consonance” felt like a perfect moment in time as the new EP from […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Clear Away

Glenn Murawski – Clear Away – EP Review Now here’s a refreshing start to a record!  Things are sounding atmospherically sweet on Glenn’s latest EP, with the sparkling design of its title-track “Clear Away” lighting-up with inspired sound right off the bat.  Solid start for sure…which is to be expected somewhat by now when it […]Read More