Glenn Murawski – Alternate Versions: Volume 2

Glenn Murawski – Alternate Versions Volume 2 – EP Review Alright…so…if you aren’t familiar with the name Glenn Murawski after the three reviews we’ve put out on him in this past WEEK alone, you’re clearly not paying that much attention & there ain’t much I can do to help ya I guess.  I know I’M […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Alternate Versions: Volume 1

Glenn Murawski – Alternate Versions: Volume 1 – EP Review We now return to our regularly scheduled programming… …kind of. I’m just saying that it’s not story time like it was in reviewing Glenn Murawski’s record Fractured yesterday, that’s all.  He’s shifted his gears for the Alternate Versions: Volume 1 EP and it’s only fair […]Read More

April Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

You’d be shocked if we told you, but brothers & sisters we are conquering mountainous milestones here at the ol’ bag. Would you believe it if I told ya that we hit DOUBLE DIGITS for subscribers in April, all thanks to YOUR incredible (incredulous?) support! Who said it takes a whole village to build a […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Fractured

Glenn Murawski – Fractured – Album Review Art inspires art – let’s do this! The following was written in real time… Fractured by Glenn Murawski There was red, purple, green and a plethora of colors I couldn’t have pointed out on a paint swatch if I had been looking straight at them…this whole world seemed […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – 7-Days Of VGM Challenge: Cyberpunk

Glenn Murawski – 7-Days Of VGM Challenge: Cyberpunk – EP Review Here are some bets that you can make in this life, and the odds for you…so that you can make the best wagers you can.  Odds of winning the lottery?  Approximately one in fourteen-million, according to Google.  How about the odds of getting struck […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – The Book Of G

Glenn Murawski – The Book Of G – Album Review “Don’t take any guff from these swine.” Sometimes I’m genuinely surprised by how I haven’t tattooed that phrase somewhere onto my body by this point in life…it’s such a beautiful summation of my experience in life and even more specifically, how I pretty much feel […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – The Crux Of Consciousness

Glenn Murawski – The Crux Of Consciousness – Album Review Glenn’s here again!  Collect your money from the office pool if you had his return picked before Jan. 21st, 2021…via Zoom & Paypal respectively, of course. I ain’t gonna lie to ya folks, were it just about any other artist or band out there in […]Read More

Glenn Murawski

Glenn Murawski Interview SBS:  Ohhhhhhhh Glenn – where DO we start my brother?  There are so many things I’ve been stoked to ask you since we set this interview up…well…long before that even I suppose, when it comes right down to it.  That being said…I’m kinda implying that I know a bit more about your […]Read More

SBS Podcast 110

It’s been about forty episodes since the first edition of the Merry Melting Pot – and it’s about time we cooked up another one for ya!  Join us as we glide through a set-list that’ll take ya from one side of sound straight through to the other, celebrate this year’s nominations in the quest for […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – “The End Of Sadness”

Glenn Murawski – “The End Of Sadness” – Single Review “The End Of Sadness,” or the “Rebirth Of Happiness” – I’ll let you decide. We’ve been on quite the ride over the past year, haven’t we Mr. Murawski?  In behind the scenes on the other side of the screen he’s on, Glenn’s been through a […]Read More