Me Soul Be Flowin – “Past Lives” / “Fire”

Me Soul Be Flowin – “Past Lives” / “Fire” – Singles Review So!  This is something! As to what exactly that is…well…that’s probably a bit harder to explain, but I’m certainly happy to try. Let me introduce you to Navè, the inspiring host of a…hmmm…what’s now become a musical-journal of sorts, called Me Soul Be […]Read More

KatMariexx – “Fire”

KatMariexx – “Fire” – Single Review I’m all about it KatMariexx – you and I certainly dig a whole lot of the same music out there. Reading about her influences & inspirations from her main site, bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Cardigans, and Garbage, in addition to artists like Madonna and Lana Del […]Read More

Izzy Malik – Fire

Izzy Malik – Fire – EP Review Strong stuff from Izzy Malik here…for someone who’s kind of questioning her abilities somewhat in the lyrics of the opening track “Beautiful Mistake,” she sure comes out confidently on this new EP, Fire. Have you ever run into that ultra-confident person that just KNOWS they’re awesome? Right – […]Read More