Zero Verdict – Clarity

Zero Verdict – Clarity – EP Review You may have seen this album cover pop up at the end of our internet show SBS Live This Week through postings of the recut episodes with Laura Kelsey on our new home at Vimeo. You might have also noticed that although we’ve continued to review music at a […]Read More

Carry Illinois – Siren

Carry Illinois – Siren – EP Review This is a fantastic and exciting year in independent music for eagerly awaiting ears out there. 2014 has had an unbelievable start to it so far, with many of the artists I’ve reviewed, seen live, or personally know making the best music they’ve made in their careers as of […]Read More

Secrets Of A Wooden Hut – From The Outside

Secrets Of A Wooden Hut – From The Outside – EP Review Australia…I’ve mentioned before just how much I LOVE you guys right? I swear – your continent is more “plugged-in” musically…so ahead of the game in so many ways with what’s happening in your indie circuit right now that I can’t help but look forward […]Read More

Mr. Kito – Where Are The Lizards?

Mr. Kito – Where Are The Lizards? – EP Review So………in case anyone is wondering what catches my attention straight off the bat…all the ingredients are intensely on display in moment one of this new EP from Mr. Kito, Where Are The Lizards? Unique sounds and beats come immediately flying out of the first steps into […]Read More

Age Of Man – Ebeneezer

Age Of Man – Ebeneezer – EP Review Hey. Hey you….pssssst. Come here…. I want you to do something for me. I want you to reach into your pocket and take out a new crisp twenty dollar bill. Now…take a REAL good look at it to make sure it’s not fake… My point? My point is that some things […]Read More

HoneyTrash – Suit & Tie

HoneyTrash – Suit & Tie – EP Review I’ve always assumed it was a show that was televised everywhere…anyone out there remember The Friendly Giant? What a nice man he was. So tall though…you had to look way, way up to even see him! I can’t be the only one…you remember…just admit it so I can carry on […]Read More

Sprightly Moans – Demos III

Sprightly Moans – Demos III – EP Review I feel like I almost need to give my head a shake here… Sprightly Moans – it’s almost like I couldn’t HEAR you last time! You know…like how in White Man Can’t Jump that dude could “listen to Jimi,” but he couldn’t HEAR Jimi…that’s the kind of feeling […]Read More

Marga Lane – Expressions

Marga Lane – Expressions – EP Review Well, it’s close enough to Valentine’s Day, so I’m heading into the straight up club-pop section to find me something to love! This particular V-Day of 2014, it just so happens that’s coming to us from Marga Lane – a deeply skilled and tremendous songwriter based in L.A. Understand […]Read More

Paul Y Justin – Your Peaks Are Valleys

Paul Y Justin – Your Peaks Are Valleys – EP Review I’ve got half of me convinced I might be listening to one of the best tracks I’ll ever hear in my life right now – the opening and title track to PyJ’s “Your Peaks Are Valleys” is such an atmospheric and original track that […]Read More

The Thiefs – It’s Not You, It’s Us

The Thiefs – It’s Not You, It’s Us – EP Review Now here’s something interesting! Through our show SBS Live This Week and here on the page at we’ve talked plenty about that quest for timelessness in songwriting; specifically pondering on how to go about achieving songs or albums that stand the test of […]Read More

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