SBS Podcast 036

Come get some SBS Podcast in ya! First interview on the show in some time – check out what Uncle Brent of Uncle Brent & The Nostone Music Band have to say to us all about their latest single & video coming out SOON…you can get the details early-on in the show and hear a […]Read More

David Stephenson – David Stephenson

David Stephenson – David Stephenson – Album Review If you’ve been following along at the pages lately, you’ve probably spotted the name David Stephenson not all that long ago when we reviewed his album I Become Disaster…and if you’ve done your due diligence, you’ve also had a listen by now either at his sites or […]Read More

SBS Podcast 033

As always, a sweet batch of tuneage in the mix ready to rock your world from one style of music to the other in a collection of kickass tracks on the SBS Podcast. Featuring music from A Love Like Pi, Gold Wolf, She Likes Todd, Aztec, The Future Exes, The Affectionates and A Vintage Year […]Read More

SBS Podcast 031

UNREAL show full of amazing tunes today! Back & fresh from vacation, we’re unleashing a whole pile of fresh cuts on ya – come get’em! Featuring music from Jigsaw Man, Blackout Lights, Yellow Paper Planes, The Most Beautiful Losers, Vaultry, Melonvine, Static Choke, Smoking Martha, EMPRA, David Stephenson & a spotlight on the music of […]Read More

David Stephenson – I Become Disaster

David Stephenson – I Become Disaster – Album Review An eclectic & diverse palette in music can lead artists to supreme moments creatively.  Having a large knowledge of different styles & sounds, whether they’re always ‘your’ thing or not doesn’t end up really even mattering…by sheer exposure, influences bleed into our work.  If you’re one […]Read More