Dan Sonenberg – Tiny Malone

Dan Sonenberg – Tiny Malone – Album Review Well now…that’s comforting.  Seems like Dan Sonenberg has got his music running like clockwork at this point in his career now, and that’s a great thing!  This…hmm…let’s say hyperactive-minded artist…has put out a record in each of the last three years, where before that, it was somewhere […]Read More

Dan Sonenberg – Mint Explosion

Dan Sonenberg – Mint Explosion – EP Review “It was a time of great hope, with media proclaiming a ‘return to normality,’ restaurants reopening, and folks beginning to unmask…” Oh trust me my man…they’ve done nothing but unmask.  Whether they’re doing the right things physically or not I have no idea – but there’s no […]Read More

Dan Sonenberg – Working For The Man

Dan Sonenberg – Working For The Man – EP Review The inscription that comes along with the official online posting of this record reads: “Black Lives Matter Not My Fascist Music from the lockdown To be played at maximum volume” Don’t mind if I do Dan…lemme turn this up – I like what I’m seeing […]Read More