Mark Newman – “From Me To You”

Mark Newman – “From Me To You” – Single Review Oh my! Believe me when I tell ya…you see the list of credits that come along with Mark Newman’s name out there on the internet, and long before you push play on this shiny new single of his here, you’ll already know you’re in-store for […]Read More

Christopher Dallman – “I’ll Back You Up”

Christopher Dallman – “I’ll Back You Up” – Music Video Release/Review By the time I had the chance to see this song played live myself personally, I was already about seventeen – and I had been falling in love all over again throughout my high-school years spent listening to Dave Matthews Band.  At that point […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Heart Shaped Box”

I was fourteen years-old when the shot went off. I was just on my way back in from lunch hour at school and settling back into the next class.  As history will tell you from the perspective of anyone who’s lived through an event of such colossal magnitude that rocks the entire world…you remember everything.  […]Read More

Jamecellow – “Spotlight”

Covering the hit from Marshmello & Lil Peep, singer Jamecellow adds his own endearing touch to the powerfully emotional melody on an acoustic-based version of “Spotlight.”  With an in-studio video shot to capture the intimate vibe this tale of heartbreak & love contains, Jamecellow visibly & audibly proves he’s got the soul & sincerity to […]Read More

Blueberry Grass Band – “Tom Sawyer”

Blueberry Grass Band – “Tom Sawyer” – Music Video Release/Review Six-piece band!  Canadian Folk no less!  Heck, this crew is practically right next door to us in the province of Quebec, only a short distance away from SBS here in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. And let me just say – they’re welcome here […]Read More

Scarlett – “Heroes”

Check this out!  Extremely well-shot & well-played cover of David Bowie’s mega-hit “Heroes” by Atlanta, Georgia’s own rock-band Scarlett.  Set at the Madlife Stage and Studios – Scarlett both looks & sounds spectacular as they confidently take on a timeless crowd-favorite and do real justice to the original with a faithful rendition that also highlights […]Read More