SBS Quest For Best New Sound 2016: Halfway There!

You people ROCK!  Amazing job on the vote so far this year – full of surprises, twists & turns and proof that your fans can make all the difference in this poll at any given moment.  For instance…48 hours ago, we had a much closer race…things were tightening-up throughout the top-four from last week, until […]Read More

SBS Quest For Best New Sound 2016: First Quarter Update!

Results are coming back – you’ve already been getting your vote-on and are supporting your favorites; only seems fair that we’ll do our best to keep you updated on how it’s all shaping up!  Of course…it’s still early and anything can happen at any time…troops can be rallied…fans can be mobilized to vote…altogether too early […]Read More

The Polls Are OPEN!

Support your favorite independent band from our list of 10 official nominations this year and help us crown our BEST NEW SOUND of 2016! This year’s list includes the brilliant music, talent and efforts of (and listed here in no particular order!): Joseph Tonelli Sun.Set.Ships. Jack Of None The Quality Of Mercury aMBe The Hsu-Nami […]Read More

Best New Sound Nomination 2016: Convey

One of the most dedicated & focused records of the year bar-none – Convey released their EP Speed Dial, a set of seven songs that absolutely blew the mind, led by an advance single of the same name.  Even a killer video to support the release of “Speed Dial” as a song – and quite […]Read More

Convey – Speed Dial

Convey – Speed Dial – EP Review Couldn’t have been more excited to see this one coming up on my playlist!  Convey has easily had one of the best and most entertaining tracks I’ve heard this year with “Speed Dial,” which we’ve reviewed earlier with glowing, well-earned remarks.  You might have also heard their chosen […]Read More

SBS Podcast 014

Doing what we do best & helping uncover some of the best tunes out there in today’s independent music-scene – you can expect all kinds of sonic-awesomeness from this new episode featuring the incredible music of: Tune Tank – Nixie – Morrow’s Memory – 1FM – Aztec – The Drama Dolls – Convey – Sun.Set.Ships […]Read More

Convey – “Speed Dial”

Convey – “Speed Dial” – Video Release/Review If there’s one thing that a strong song deserves in today’s day & age, it’s a strong set of visuals to go with it.  I’ve often commented on how the people out there, we people – the listeners, actually need something to move us onscreen before we get […]Read More

Convey – “Speed Dial”

Convey – “Speed Dial” – Single Review I had actually just mentioned the other day about the reliable relationship between the influences you can find on the music listed on a band/artist’s social media and the sound of their own stuff – and Convey makes for another incredible example of how that truly works…I had […]Read More