SBS Podcast 111

We wouldn’t leave ya hangin’ on a New Year’s Eve without a soundtrack to turn up!  Back with one last episode before 2020 is all over – we’ve got Proof Of Purchase! Volume 9 loaded up for ya to enjoy tonight, tomorrow, or whenever ya see fit to tune in to some genuine audio awesomeness […]Read More

SBS Podcast 048

The expected lineup of audio-awesomeness!  It’s been a while and it’s great to be back on the ol’ Podcast airwaves with a whole bunch of excellent tunes gathered from throughout the independent music-scene.  We’ll discuss evolution in sound, get ya details on what’s up out there with some new artists & bands you’ll want to […]Read More

Bud Collins Trio – “Television Personalities”

Bud Collins Trio – “Television Personalities” – Single Review I have absolutely no idea what I was expecting here…but this is awesome. Like, what a perfect crossbreeding of exactly what I needed!  I was looking for a gentle melody that would soothe my soul a bit, but I still wanted something that massively highlights the […]Read More