Les Kraven – “Shinin'”

Dig into the hypnotic rhythm, beat & flow of this brand-new cut from rapper Les Kraven called “Shinin.'” Featuring the production of Young Taylor, he reflects on life and where it’s all taking him as he moves forward in his own story – check out what this emcee has to say through the audio-post of […]Read More

Spared Chiller – “Demo With Vocal”

A track so fresh it doesn’t even have a name yet!  Take a lesson from electro-project Spared Chiller – don’t let a title stop you from putting out that new cut!  That’s more than fine with us – Spared Chiller impressed us with the debut single “That New York Timelapse” before, and certainly does once […]Read More

Lindsey Harper – New Game

The soulful, vibrant tunes from Pop solo-artist Lindsey Harper have made their way onto one sweet collection on her New Game EP.  Check out an incredibly professional performer with a dynamic, versatile & powerful voice – Lindsey’s got an amazing grip on rhythm & melody and a truly beautiful & strong approach to her writing, […]Read More

A Is For Atom – “Rainbows”

One-man music project A Is For Atom has a brand-new EP coming out this September!  In the meantime, you can get a sample of what’s to come through the lead-single “Rainbows” – a deep atmospheric cut full of post-punk, electro and alternative sound.  Mike Cykoski, the man at the helm of A Is For Atom, […]Read More

Alexander Howard – “Mount Rushmore”

If you’ve been wondering where your electrifying summer electro-pop jam has been this year, worry no longer – it just arrived.  Alexander Howard is on FIRE in the writing and hooks of his incredible new single “Mount Rushmore” – this is a cut that’s really gonna get the people movin’ out there!  Really impressive rhythm […]Read More

1403 – “Control”

1403 is a versatile music project that blends all kinds of styles & sounds from different genres together in search of something new, with Tom Cameron at the helm.  The new single “Control” is a perfect example as it dips into a combination of Soul, R&B, Indie, Jazz & Pop together as one in a […]Read More

Spared Chiller – “That New York Timelapse”

Dig this new electro-cut from Debrecen, Hungary’s Spared Chiller – this track’s got just the right amount of everything.  You can see from the page at Soundcloud that Spared Chiller is a very recent addition to the music-scene…but if it keeps up the quality and smoothness in sound that you’ll hear on the debut single […]Read More

Josh Taerk – “Rock N Roll On”

Hard to resist country-rock from singer/songwriter Josh Taerk on his latest single “Rock N Roll On.”  Built on solid, melodic hooks and big guitars – you can usually find Josh onstage rocking out like his life depends on it…from what we’ve read & what we understand about this artist…rock-music runs right through his veins and […]Read More

Kopus Mellini – “Elevator”

“Ain’t no one fuckin with Ciroc!”  Damn straight homie. Rapper Kopus Mellini is back in the mix with a brand-new single for you to turn up & puff, puff, pass to a friend – it’s called “Elevator.”  With a deadly pace and sounding bold & confident on the mic – Mellini moves through his new […]Read More

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