Arnold Mitchem – “Solo”

Arnold Mitchem – “Solo” – Single Review *totally related side-note…it’s a bit ironic to listen to a song called “Solo” that has two singers on a single about being single.* Though to be fair to the guy, depending on where you’re looking online, you might find him “Solo” as Arnold Mitchem…but you might also find […]Read More

Arnold Mitchem – “Shout” Remix Featuring Jason Pittman

Arnold Mitchem – “Shout” Remix Featuring Jason Pittman – Single Review Ahhh, there you go…apparently this just needed a pinch of salt is all. You’ve been there.  You’ve cooked up your dinner, you take that first bite…and something’s missing.  And whatever that something may be, it was the one thing that was gonna tie it […]Read More

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