SBS Podcast 015

As always…a killer lineup of tunes from the independent music-scene! Featuring music from reliable sources you’ve heard on our show like The Quality Of Mercury, The Pit and Morrow’s Memory and brand-new tunes from Dansad, A Choir Of Ghosts, William Knott, Armada Named Sound & Genius Picaso – this show is packed with dynamite songs, […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – Electronica

Armada Named Sound – Electronica – Album Review Back instantly with some pep in his step, music-maker…summoner-of-wild-electro-beats and producer Maus of the project Armada Named Sound comes flying out of the gates at high-speed on the first cut “Midnight At Metropolis” from the new album Electronica.  It takes no time at all to realize I’m […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – “NY”

Armada Named Sound – “NY” – Single Review Approved!  I love it when this band pops up on my playlist! Armada Named Sound has always managed to retain a unique and individual style of their own…you could try to make comparisons, but largely they’ll only apply as pieces and reference-points to the signature-style they’ve made […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – “Crush”

Sometime around about six months ago, we uncovered the wild, exotic electro-infused grooves & rhythms of Armada Named Sound and reviewed their Starchildren EP.  Still fresh in our mind as a band to always check-in on and see what’s going on with – it looks as if their creativity hasn’t taken a moment off and […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – Starchildren

Armada Named Sound – StarChildren – EP Review Here’s a combination of sounds I can get behind. Armada Named Sound is like the twisted lovechild of Madonna & Metric…lots of bouncing playful electro meeting the voice of some serious-but-fun vocals from lead vocalist Andromeda S who carries beautiful dreamlike melodies into the energy of the […]Read More