SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Paul The Trombonist

SBS Best New Sound Nominations Day Four:  Paul The Trombonist Exciting new combinations and ideas in music are something we’re always searching for when listening to records & reviewing them here at sleepingbagstudios – and early-on in the year, one of those unique gems revealed itself – Paul The Trombonist.  With his album Journey To […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Eon MC Etc.

SBS Best New Sound Nominations Day Three: Eon MC Etc. With his new record, Southern L.O., rapper/hip-hop artist Eon MC Etc. took his whole game to that next level.  In a display of verbal-brilliance, style & skill, he put the work in and got the results on his new album, creating songs that were just […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Sam & The

SBS Best New Sound Nominations Day Two:  Sam & The Black Seas The stunning clarity and crystal-clear melodies found on the album Silver by Sam & The Black Seas were without a doubt, some of the best songs of 2017.  Where most tender-tunes and slow-songs can often have a harder time getting heard, they made […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Nominations – Smoking Martha

SBS Best New Sound 2017 Official Nominations Day One:  Smoking Martha Coming out swinging with massive sounds this year on their album In Deep, Aussie-based band Smoking Martha proved they’re every bit worthy of your time and could slay the mainstream on their own if they had to.  With an explosive record that spawned multiple […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2017 – Nominations Start Today!

As always, I’m incredibly stoked to share this year’s entire list of amazing artists/bands that made the top-ten list and EXCITED to see who ends up being our reader-voted BEST NEW SOUND of 2017!  Lists like these are painstaking to make!  I agonize over this stuff, I truly do…but it’s all in good fun & […]Read More

0190 – Nebrie (Live @ The Biltmore 2017)

On the first trip back to Vancouver after packing up for Ottawa and moving the studio back in 2016, I had the chance to check out Vaultry on both sides of the country, starting in my old backyard back in BC.  Like all great bands, Vaultry ended up introducing us to a couple other solid […]Read More

0186 – Vaultry (Live @ Ask A Punk 2017)

Check out some still shots from the most recent show I’ve seen this year…just a couple days back when Vaultry made it all the way from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, Ontario to kick some ass at a rad house party put on by Ask A Punk.  In one hell of a dank-ass dungeon of a […]Read More

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