Best New Sound Nomination 2016: Convey

One of the most dedicated & focused records of the year bar-none – Convey released their EP Speed Dial, a set of seven songs that absolutely blew the mind, led by an advance single of the same name.  Even a killer video to support the release of “Speed Dial” as a song – and quite […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: Joseph Tonelli

Sometimes you stumble across an artist and in their music you can hear the sound of true authenticity…you know, those real songwriter-types out there that have been the poets of generations of history…’the real deal,’ as they say…  One such artist in my humble opinion, is without a doubt, Joseph Tonelli, whose album Dust And […]Read More

SBS Best New Sound Nomination: 1FM

If you were one of the fine people that checked into last night’s episode of the SBS Podcast – today’s nomination is no surprise to you!  Within an entire list of bands/artists that made the year extraordinarily tough to select a final top-10…I decided to also sneak in today’s nomination into the lineup.  Alright alright…wasn’t […]Read More

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: A Truth Called Nothing

Some of the year’s most powerful, socially-aware and boldly-expressive tunes came directly from A Truth Called Nothing.  We got the opportunity to review this band a couple times throughout 2016, at first for their incredible album Sluggerhand and then for their EP – the politically well-timed set of songs on The Orange Orangutan’s Revenge.  A […]Read More

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: Sun.Set.Ships.

Personally if I was to hand out the trophy for sincerity in music this year, I’d have a real hard time not handing it straight over to this crew from northern Ireland.  I honestly don’t even know if THEY get just how good, how special or how rare the sound of their music is…I don’t […]Read More

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: åMBe

With her stunning Enemy Of The People EP absolutely hitting the mark for uniqueness, beautiful textures and bold atmospheres in the music…combining them with the extraordinary, soaring vocals you’ll find in this project made this record we heard back in September pretty much guaranteed to find itself in the top-10 list this year – and […]Read More

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: Jack Of None

I was, am and am-still impressed by the way this band of three-siblings, all spread-out throughout the globe created one of the darkest & most vibrantly artistic albums of the entire year; Jack Of None held nothing back on their album Who’s Listening To Van Gogh’s Ear? and fully committed themselves to every idea and […]Read More

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: The Quality Of Mercury

Through an entire host of otherworldly themes and extraordinary depth in sound, The Quality Of Mercury pulled off a stunning achievement in the thickness of atmosphere & sonics with the release of the album Transmission in the first-half of this year.  What you might/might-not know – is that The Quality Of Mercury is actually the […]Read More

Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: The Hsu-Nami

Through the incredibly unique and moving instrumentals found on The Hsu-Nami’s self-titled record released this year and the highly creative & inventive approach to music this band based out of New York took to their music, they created one of the most audibly adventurous records of the entirety of 2016 with stunningly ambitious material that […]Read More

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