Susana In Colors – “Original”

 Susana In Colors – “Original”

Susana In Colors – “Original” – Single Review

Alright. There’s a TON of stuff I love about this song/artist…bear with me…

Susana In Colors is a ridiculously talented artist that I truly can’t get enough of; and I say artist in the true sense of the word. You’re not going to just find music like Susana is making just anywhere; she’s a highly inventive and innovative artist that is absolutely making the most out of her art, her music and the sheer craft of songwriting.

She’s a looper!

We’re not talking about the simple mixing of samples into each other…we’re talking about an artist that can literally pull this stuff off LIVE – you can see it on YouTube. And YES; in answer to the question on NO ONE’s mind – of course she already had me at the wearing of a Batman shirt but NO; that is definitely not the only kickass reason to like what she’s up to.

I have a huge respect for the art of looping. As a guy that has stuck to solo-life recording for about half, and partnered with one other guy for the other half…I have always loved that, well, if you’re looping it just right…you could easily sound like a full band or write a song that leaves nothing out, nothing missing. And that’s EXACTLY what we have here with “Original” by Susana In Colors, and she’s not only original but a captivating performer and stunning songwriter.

Now…I’m reviewing a single here…for an artist that’s purely committed and unarguably doing what she does incredibly well. And I GET IT people; I know looping isn’t a NEW concept – but you’re not often going to see it come along with someone that can write a song as well as she can, or perform it as naturally. And personally – while I might have experience with other ingenious loopers of our time like Annie Becker who loops her voice here in BC and like David Devereux the bass-looping champion from the UK where Susana is located…I actually haven’t seen a lot of solo-guitar singer-songwriters out there, looping-wise or again, not as sparklingly obvious in talent as Susana In Colors.

You could say I’m a big fan now, yes. I’m comfortable with that.

The sky is the limit for an artist as creative and clearly passionate as Susana is. Determination and commitment are one thing, and honestly more rarely combined with pure talent than you’d think – but no joke people, Susana is onto something big time. Did I creep the rest of what I could find to see if I was experiencing a fluke of talent? You KNOW I did! Of course. I think I went through about 3 or 4 videos I could find, and every single one of them confirmed the exact same thing; this lady oozes talent and REAL ideas, resulting in music that is as ingenious as it is catchy.

Now…hearing the “Original” single is a trip in itself. First of all, just know that I started all this out online…I poked around into the live versions of her songs and that was my experience to begin this journey. Just had my mind BLOWN by what I was watching, NBD. Hearing the recorded version, it certainly brings something different to the way it comes out…and to be truthful, there were times I’d prefer it to the live recording, and times completely vice-versa. But no matter HOW you find it, or hear it – DO THAT and go listen cause I’m telling you…I’m calling this one out loud and I don’t care if she takes FIFTY years to prove me right, but this is an artist that will make it. Watching Susana and listening to Susana In Colors leaves me with zero doubt that I’m experiencing an artist that will lead our next generation and become an inspiration & influence on a whole ton of future musicians out there.

“Original…” she most certainly is. Honestly, I can’t say enough. To her incredibly smart guitar parts interacting and looping together, the choice of her tone, fantastic melodic singing, visually-committed performance and astoundingly perfect alt-pop song here; Susana In Colors is absolutely a talent that will captivate you and have you waiting for the next time she releases ANYTHING.

But yeah…it can’t just be me…that’s simply just not possible…I KNOW that you’ll feel the same way about this incredible talent and I highly recommend finding out all you can about Susana In Colors and supporting this potentially limitless talent to the maximum of your abilities, right away. Whatever support she needs from us here at sleepingbagstudios – she’s absolutely got it.

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And…not even kidding…you gotta check this out….here’s a live version of “Original” from Susana In Colors:

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