Surrender The Hope – “192020”

 Surrender The Hope – “192020”

Okay…hold up a second here…what did Surrender The Hope just scream at me?

You said I’m beautiful.  Will you still believe that when I wear your meat-suit as a fucking mask?

That is…graphic…to say the least!  But let’s also be real here – if you are familiar with the beastly sound of Buffalo’s Surrender The Hope, you know this crew ain’t pulling any punches when it comes time to jam and make some mayhem with their music.  I’ve been checking out their past records over this past week including their CHAPTERS EP from last year, and their last single “Lucid Dissolution” in amongst the rest on my playlist…and believe me when I tell ya, it was pretty damn clear when Surrender The Hope came on.  Probably just short of having the neighbors callin’ the cops on me if I’m being honest with ya.

It don’t get much bigger when it comes to sound than this band right here y’all – so fucking brace yourselves.  If the above quote doesn’t give ya an idea of the level of grim & gritty gnarlyness you can expect – go read it again, cause it sure as hell should!  Surrender The Hope supply ENORMOUS sound to your speakers and gripping intensity onscreen in their new video supporting “192020” – I can try & prepare ya all I want to, but the reality is that most of ya ain’t ready for what you’re about to witness.  Surrender The Hope isn’t just out to kick SOME of the ass – they’re here to kick ALL of the ass with big steel Metal boots on…maybe snatch a few souls or two in the process…and if ya ain’t too careful, the behemoth sound boomin’ outta your speakers and screens might just melt your bones in the process of checking it out.

Consider yourselves warned.

And fully encouraged to check this the fuck out, of course.

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