Sundance Jump – “Zodiac Killer” Featuring W. Dire Wolff

 Sundance Jump – “Zodiac Killer” Featuring W. Dire Wolff

Back with another cut from their record Deep Purple Sage, Sundance Jump & W. Dire Wolff return to our pages with their new single & video for “Zodiac Killer.”  Filled with that throwback rock sound & their signature acid-washed style, the latest cut from this collaboration has them blending a BTO-esque vibe with that mix of haziness & cool that has had people all over the world latching onto what Sundance Jump has been putting out there into the world over this past year or so promoting Deep Purple Sage.  Hell, this time around they even acid-washed the visuals for ya as well – check out the new lyric-video supporting “Zodiac Killer” for yourself below!

Just like you’ll find with about everything Sundance Jump is a part of, there’s a pretty major twist involved here if you’re paying close attention & you know a lil’ bit of history.  Fun fact for you all out there – to this very day, the justice department of the USA continues to keep an open file on the Zodiac Killer; and for the most part, it’s generally been assumed for years & years that the suspect would turn out to be a male – but perhaps not!  Slickly & slyly, Sundance Jump and W. Dire Wolff work their own mythology into the mix here, creating a storyline that centers around a woman at a nightclub called Zodiacs that could double as a theory on the infamous main case…you’ll catch it in the lyrics, especially in the song’s main hooks of the chorus…and who knows – they might just be right about all this and the real killer is someone totally different than any of us originally expected to find.  Either way…I always dig a song that makes me think a bit or sends me right down the rabbit-hole with’em to figure out what I can figure out…”Zodiac Killer” had me firing up the internet in all kinds of crazy ways after.  Ahhh, the multiple benefits of genuinely interesting music right folks?  Pay attention y’all…ya just might learn something while you’re listening.

And check out those guitar tones from W. Dire Wolff soarin’ through the atmosphere of this cut will ya?  That’s the right acid/psych sound you wanna hear, brilliantly executed, wickedly floating between the lefts & rights just slightly in the background as the melody & hooks of “Zodiac Killer” continue rock the lead upon the surface.  As I mentioned the last time around when we posted the video for their title-track “Deep Purple Sage” here at our pages, Sundance Jump brings something different to the table with their music each time…it’s all got a ton of cohesive threads that tie it all together from the lyrics to the sound, but each song presents a variation on their overall sound, giving the people out there something new to enjoy from their throwback sound every time they pop back up onto the internet.  These guys get right into the groove and clearly love what they do – I’ve personally seen Sundance Jump push their songs out there into the scene online harder than most bands & artists ever will; they’ve certainly gained my respect for their efforts, in addition to accolades from a whole ton of people out there listening, from critics to fans, for their achievements & wild approach to music.

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