Sundance Jump – “Sew My Shadow” Featuring Dire Wolff

 Sundance Jump – “Sew My Shadow” Featuring Dire Wolff

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Sundance Jump had me curious last time around when we posted up the video for “Johnny’s Too Young” last month…this time, I’m pretty much ready to stand up and cheer – I freakin’ love this short & sweet little jam goin’ on here with this instrumental interlude called “Sew My Shadow.”  Both singles we’ve had come our way have been cuts from their album called Deep Purple Sage – “Sew My Shadow” apparently pops up at the end of one side of the official vinyl pressing.  According to the notes I’ve got here, “The title is a reference to Wendy sewing the shadow for Peter Pan,” they go on to describe this track as “a cute little art piece.”  Let me be the first to tell ya Sundance Jump – you can call your music whatever you like if it’s gonna sound like “Sew My Shadow” does and you’d never hear a complaint from me – this is a rad little ditty that has all the charm of like…Santo & Johnny’s “Sleepwalking” – that special combination of warmth, beauty & comforting sound.  W. Dire Wolff lays down the sweetness with his guitar & solos, while Johnny Rock puts the glow into “Sew My Shadow” with the organ, and infuses a dose of soul into the music with his harmonica too.  All-in-all, we’re talking about nearly a minute’s worth of music – and one highly effective result in an incredibly short time-frame.  This was a really good move for Sundance Jump to put this gentle gem out there into the world with its own video though – I felt like this song & the experience of listening to it will really stick with me over time and I’ll come back to reach for this gorgeous tune many times in the future for sure; it felt like we really got to hear the heart behind this project in this tiny interlude of awesomeness as well…like we got to know them and what their music is about even better here somehow.  It might be a short moment in time, but it’s arguably a perfect one – check out Sundance Jump’s “Sew My Shadow” below!

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