Suko Bars & Hood G – “New Freezer”

 Suko Bars & Hood G – “New Freezer”

Suko Bars & Hood G – “New Freezer” – Music Video Release/Review

Y’ain’t never spit a 16 so cold.”  #truth homies.

Peep this y’all – “New Freezer” from Suko Bars & Hood G – two emcees that bring undeniable personality to the mic on their new cut & onscreen in the killer new video shot by L.O.U.D productions.  You probably remember the original from Rich The Kid featuring Kendrick Lamar – but this ain’t that.  In fact…depending on what you connect with…you might be like me – you might find this version better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kendrick just like everybody else out there right now – but from the moment that Suko Bars jumped onto the mic with his spin on “New Freezer” with Hood G – I was hooked yo.  The change to the first line is freakin’ brilliant and the way that Suko levels it out onscreen is just as clever – he starts out with “My bitch keep calling me a cheater…” and when you see him deliver it, he’s clearly amused by this accusation; then in mere seconds, he switches into a deadly serious moment, following that line up with “…I’ma leave her.”  I can only assume that was supposed to come out as wickedly dry & funny as it did – my first time through it, I almost spat my coffee all over my computer screen cause that first line hits SO HARD and sets the standard immediately from there.

But for the record, it ain’t all jokes here son.  Both Suko Bars & Hood G take turns rocking serious bars that have doses of humor for sure, but skills that are also powerfully on display at every moment – make no mistake, these two can rap.  They certainly might be onto something here too…I’m not sure if their upcoming mixtape Super Smash Bros Vol 1 is full of ideas like this where they borrow a beat and deliver their own words like they do on “New Freezer” – but I’d certainly be all for it – they’re slayin’ it here.  Besides…think of “New Freezer” as more of a term; a description for ice-cold bars that are scorching hot.  That’s what you get in this collaboration – for real, I couldn’t get enough of this cut.  Largely again, I think it comes down to the fact that, not only are the rhymes superior – but LOOK at the video and how badass this all came out!  These guys got the blunts & bongs out , L.O.U.D has got everything looking wildly entertaining and edited with supreme use of effects, distorted visuals, and mirror images.  But on the real – give’em all credit where credit is due – they’re not working with major plotlines here, they’re just being themselves onscreen in the video…and once you see it, you’ll know exactly why that works.

Clearly these two have the ‘it’ factor and the type of personality that connects both visually & audibly.  They’re borrowing a beat, sure, but they ain’t biting rhymes – they’re still completely authentic and they both bring genuine charisma to the mic in their own unique way, combining into one killer collaboration.  There’s no doubt that this alteration of “New Freezer” has got me stoked on what they’ll come up with next…this does exactly what a lead-single is supposed to do – I’m more than excited & completely curious to hear what their Super Smash Bros Vol 1 mixtape is gonna end up being like – you will be too.  Check this video out for yourself and experience the flow of two emcees that are genuinely feelin’ the vibe and maximizing every possible opportunity that comes at them on this cut to make an impact – bundle up y’all – “New Freezer” from Suko Bars & Hood G below!

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