Sugar Lime Blue – “Burn It”

 Sugar Lime Blue – “Burn It”

Sugar Lime Blue – “Burn It” – Single Review

They say first impressions are pretty much everything, right?  If that’s truly the case, then I’d say that Nashville’s Sugar Lime Blue are on mighty solid ground with a single like “Burn It” for sure.  Listening to the vibrant bounce & energy this cut has straight off the drop was like this band was searching for their own hit in the style of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder with the noticeable spark the music displayed.  I mean…you know…more of an intended Rock edge to it, but you know that level of personality that I’m talkin’ about in the sound.  The musicianship of one of the band’s newest members in Joe Bass (guess which instrument?  *hint – it’s not the French Horn) deserves a lot of credit as to why this single makes so much of an impression on us right away, and he’s quickly backed up by the rest of the band as well.

So I’ll admit…I looked at the location of where they’re comin’ from, a place I’ve been at odds with for years…I saw the combination they’re going for in writing, which is a Classic Rock, Country, Blues thing – none of which are traditionally ‘my thing’ – and I had to ask myself how in the heck Sugar Lime Blue ended up on my playlist, of all people?  Is it my fondness for amazing band names?  Because they check that box perfectly.  Maybe it’s just as simple as the fact that I have respect for all kinds of music out there in this scene we share.  Like…how could I not?  My old man is actually IN a Canadian Classic Rock band called Prism to this very day, and my step-sister spends half her time in Nashville recording these days – so I guess there’s really no harm in venturing outside my comfort zone sound-wise to check out what Sugar Lime Blue is all about.  I really can’t stress this enough – I do freakin’ love their band name.

While I’m never gonna just come right out and admit to being converted…I can quite often be satisfied, or even more than satisfied under the right circumstances…of which I’d say, this here meets the criteria.  I really dig the musicianship and the talent this band possesses.  Sugar Lime Blue plays with real passion, purpose, and professionalism…they’ve got remarkable assets on the keyboards, bass, and guitars that get great moments in the spotlight to shine on “Burn It” – and they’ve got quite the drummer as well.  All the right pieces are certainly in place…they play unified and in lockstep with each other…everything seems to fit.  And then of course, they’ve got Ashley Beth up front on the mic – a singer so undeniably talented that she’d make most singers seem like they’re just starting out by comparison…she’s got all the right tone, serious swagger, and the resounding confidence of a premier entertainer.  She breaks my ONE rule (okay, okay…I’m like, OCD when it comes to music, I have several) when she uses the word “boogie,” which I’ve made clear, should be a word that’s outlawed or outright banned…BUT…I suppose even I’d have to admit, with the generous helping of pure GROOVE this track has…it also seems like it was the right fit.  For once y’all…I don’t want you to get carried away and starting to figure out how to get “boogie” into your songs…even if it DOES fit here (it does) – it’s still WRONG to include that word.  I sit here and type these things out all day long, and even writing it still sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

Obviously I’m (somewhat) kidding around here – because that’s all they’ve left me with!  Sugar Lime Blue does what they do, and they do it damn well – I can’t be complaining when it comes to execution at this level.  “Burn It” has solid hooks, absolutely inspired musicianship & instrumentation, and a singer that sounds confident enough to take on the whole world at once…it’s like a 60s/70s style of cool built for the modern day…perhaps a bit against the grain of what tends to be out there right now to a degree, but a vibe that music fans around the globe are rabidly seeking outside the realm of radio ALL the time.  “Burn It” comes from their upcoming album called The Blackbird Sessions, rumored to be arriving this October 1st…and as you can see, it’s already making an impressive impact on the screens & speakers out there, as indicated by the tens of thousands of hits the video alone has generated in just about ten days-time!  It’s fair to say that it’s not just Sugar Lime Blue or only me feelin’ it – plenty of you out there are clearly stoked on the vibe they’ve got goin’ on…so good news for all of ya – there’s more of this music you love, comin’ right around the corner less than a month away.  “Burn It” is a great start and a stellar lead-single to have put out there…I’m lookin’ forward to seeing & hearing this band light up the charts.

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