Suave Youngin – “Michael Myers”

 Suave Youngin – “Michael Myers”

Suave Youngin – “Michael Myers” – Music Video Release/Review

If you did the right thing earlier this year when reading these pages around February, you were introduced to the sound & style of Suave Youngin through a video we posted up here called “Fanta” – and if you’re like me, you certainly never forgot about this bizarre emcee.  Visually or verbally, if you’ve heard or seen Suave Youngin, he’s bound to make an impact on ya and get you talkin’ about the music he makes.  Loaded with humor, hooks, and attention to detail – I talked a lot about commitment being what sets this dude apart from the rest in the last review and I stand by those comments after checking out his latest video for his new single “Michael Myers.”  Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

Now…understand that any time you include some sort of comedic aspect to your music you’re doing a couple of things by default.  You’re instantly getting haters that don’t think comedy/music have any sort of relationship (Yup, those people exist), you’re getting hated on for WHAT you think is funny compared to what others think is funny (Tons of those people) – but in the world of the internet/how viral videos work, you can also pull in a ton of support, because humor is also universal to a large degree.  We all want to laugh, some of us are just dicks about it and don’t is all.  Suave Youngin understands that putting it all on the line and committing to the concept or ideas he’s working with are what leads to results.  Well…there’s that and the straight-up fact that you simply wouldn’t put this much effort into something without truly loving it…otherwise Suave Youngin would be killin’ a lot of daylight for no reason in making these videos, know what I mean?  Pass or fail, the man is doing what it takes to get sincere chuckles flowing and grins for good times…so if you’re feeling uptight, chill the fuck out for a moment or two and just relax…step into the world of an artist doing something decidedly different from day one…because if you stick with this guy, you’re guaranteed to crack a smile.

The level of irony this guy works with is ridiculously impeccable.  So suave this youngin’ is!  Some of the humor is right in front of you and staring you right in the face as you watch the new video…Suave Youngin does it BIG whatever it may be…and quite often as a result, what was once ordinary becomes a full-on event or statement.  Like LOOK at those massively thick CHAINS and BRACELETS this emcee be wearing yo!  Ok yes, they’re made out of candy.  Or LOOK at the ballin’ places he ends up like the country club!  Or…I suppose some people might call that a mini-golf course.  Or what about how this emcee is like, ALWAYS hangin’ out with beautiful scantily-clad models?  Errr…I mean…mannequins…  Starting to get the picture?  Suave Youngin has carved this crazy space in music for himself where he’s like Lil Dicky’s “Save Dat Money” brought to life in human form…& I’d still be willing to bet on this guy to catch on out there.  “Michael Myers” might have a chilled-out, lazy, hazy vibe on a musical level – but it does suit this guy’s attitude & laidback style…and as weird as he clearly likes to get, there’s still balance here.  In fact, I feel like I can get behind just about everything but the shoes.  WHAT ARE THOSE???

Personally I dig this guy for his humor and the perspective he supplies the rap game with – I think he’s got good ideas when it comes to the hooks of his rhymes & vocal melodies, but the real strengths of this artist come from seeing that next step ahead of the joke, being able to take a funny concept and make it even funnier by playing it super straight-ahead or serious.  He cracks the occasional smile along the way to let us all know he’s in on it and laughing with us – but those moments where he’s in full gangsta-mode and giving the camera the ol’ ‘Blue Steel’ are what really take his humor to the next-level for me.  Suave Youngin is playin this all really smart though…make no mistake, he’s funny – not dumb; he’s working with what’s available & what’s around him and he’s making it work so much better than the rest in terms of mining it all for the potential comedic gold that an everyday situation can offer.  And therefore, his supply & inspiration are theoretically limitless…everything he needs is already surrounding him; if it’s not, he drives there…or like…rides a tiny kid’s bike to get there…you get the idea.

All I’m sayin’ is that Suave Youngin seems to already be doin’ more than fine with everything he’s got – and that’s every reason to stick with this guy.  Abilities, skills, ideas, potential, capabilities, possibilities – all these things continue to get stronger day by day or offer new opportunities that weren’t there in the past…just imagine what this dude might be capable of in the future if he changes that Monopoly money into real bills one day y’all!  Always stoked on where an artist like this will go next, you should be too.

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