Suavé Menté – “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” Feat. La Lean

 Suavé Menté – “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” Feat. La Lean

Suavé Menté – “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” Feat. La Lean – Music Video Post

Alrighty y’all!  Hopefully you had a chance to tune into the SBS Podcast earlier today to check out the latest single “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” by Suavé Menté featuring La Lean on our show – but if you haven’t yet, don’t panic…you know we’ve got you covered, and you can check it out the episode by clicking here.

From what I’ve gathered, “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” translates roughly to “Do Not Come In Peace” – the song itself combines a cross-cultural vibe supplied by this collaboration of Haitian & Dominican talents, and is sung in both Creole and Spanish.  Guaranteed to generate some serious international buzz through the wild dynamics of the music and superstars on the mic in Suavé Menté and La Lean – they might not come in peace, but they sure as hell came to bring the party straight to the people where it belongs!

You’ll see in the video that Suavé brings his skills straight to the city streets and gets everyone movin’ to the music in a full audio takeover that has the man sounding straight-up spectacular with the X-factor on display for all to hear – and all to see as well for that matter – you can visibly see the major star talent in Menté onscreen through the visuals supporting his latest single too for sure.  As for La Lean?  She’s sensational – starting up “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” with vibrant hooks and her stellar voice, she’s a certifiable badass 100%, and fits right in perfectly with the colorfully expressive & sensory sound of this whole cut.

Expertly directed by Judlin Civil, the combination of mediums works massively in this collaboration’s favor – let’s be real here – this video is H-O-T like fire y’all, and it moves brilliantly with the music.  You factor in how crystal clear the footage is, how wild these parties look, and the stunning scenery surrounding the main stars of the show, and it’s pretty much good game for each & every one of us watching & listening to “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” – there’s tons to get yourself hooked on from sight to sound.

The man knows how to have a good time, and he’s livin’ the LIFE – that much is clear.  Trust me when I say, you’ll know from listening & watching “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” but if you somehow still have any doubts, you can confirm what I’m sayin’ is true by checking out Suavé’s other 2021 single “Cash,” or “Are You Down (D.T.F.)” from 2019, and you’ll know I’ve only been speakin’ the truth – this is one WILD artist with a ton of personality, swagger & style for miles, and the kind of supercharged charisma that can’t help but pull people in to listen & check out what Menté’s music is all about.  There’s an exciting energy in the music of Suavé Menté, and it’s a colorful vibe that La Lean both complements & surges with as well – together they sound remarkably impressive on “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” and destined for #1, internationally.

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