Strangejuice – “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep”

 Strangejuice – “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep”

Strangejuice – “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep” – Music Video Release/Review

I’ve got all the time in the world for a video/song combination like this.  You should too.

When it comes to creating something visually with your music, you’ve really gotta ask yourself whether or not you’ve done what it takes to have the effort really stand out to others.  It’s not always easy – we all get invested & wrapped-up in what we do as artists…there’s an attachment that can be difficult to separate from.  Whatever it takes to stand back and objectively examine your new video, DO IT, because a great onscreen concept, great footage, great editing, great song – you might have all these pieces individually, but what you really NEED is to find a way to use each aspect to complement the others.

You know, exactly like what Mike Anderson of Strangejuice has done with the new single “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep” from his album Arctic Tundra, released just at the end of January earlier this year.  THIS is how you get it done.  THIS is how art lives multiple lives and can expand into so many other areas of our lives.  THIS is how you go about making an onscreen impact and create a whole new dimension that a great song can now thrive in as well.  THIS…is a flat-out excellent video & song…THIS is ART.

Now…I’m not gonna lie to ya…this is definitely intellectually designed stuff no matter what angle you examine it from.  Lyrically, this is just freakin’ amazing on every level – I was literally speechless after reading them at the Strangejuice official YouTube channel.  Brilliantly poetic and sung with a sparkling beauty – I can do my best to describe what it’s like to experience this, but at the end of the day, my vocabulary and capabilities with these word-things pales in comparison to the gorgeous way Mike’s writing flows on “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep.”  For what sounds so inviting, warm, and smooth in the acoustic glow of the music, you can end up as lost in the emotion & depths of this song as you’ll allow yourself to be.  I’m always impressed by unique & creative melodies on acoustic guitar…I mean, we’ve all heard the old adage that ‘it’s all been done’ – but it’s artists like Mike that are reaching for more from their own creativity and imagination that prove there is still so much more to discover, even in what seems like a simple & serene setting or small list of musical ingredients.  I think what he’s doing with his vocals is sincerely innovative and fresh…there’s a real uplifting & inspiring attitude in the atmosphere, especially as the gentle beat & beautiful female-driven backing-vocals enter the mix and confidently sing along with the lead, strengthening the sound and sending that shiver down your spine.

Keep in mind I’m just a reviewer…I’m not IN Mike’s head…so my theories on the video may/may-not be correct, but here’s what I think.  First of all…again, make sure you read those lyrics.  What you’ll see onscreen, certainly takes a large creative license with the concepts of the song – BUT – I don’t even think there’s a remote argument about the fact that these two separate mediums DO entwine as one when you read the words.  It might be visually inspired by a single line that I can particularly identify, and from that point, a video can quite often be born.  If you’re an artist, you know how that can work.

But if I’m seeing this right…it’s almost like the video for “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep” is like the classic tale in reverse.  Instead of being a child and running away from home to join the circus, we actually spend our time with an adult clown that seems to be running away from the circus in order to find his family.  How’s THAT for a twist?  Again…I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m seeing here…and if that IS what’s actually happening and I’m not entirely crazy…well…that’s a freakin’ brilliant concept.

I think there are certainly clues of confirmation throughout the video that this is the case.  You’ll see the clown examine a piece of paper with addresses & names on it…you’ll follow the journey through the rubble of memories of what was and what could have been…and you’ll feel that odd sense of comfort and ‘home’ in both the video and song.  It’s spectacularly well-shot and edited…TIME and EFFORT was spent on this…and as a result, Strangejuice has created a memorable experience that will stick with you.  Like I was absolutely in love with this whole video throughout the first ninety seconds and the song hadn’t even STARTED yet…just a building synth sound like a warm fuzzy glow intensely affecting the mood, perspective and tone of how we view what we’re seeing onscreen as the clown dude gets ready to start his new adventure searching for his past life before the balloons, wild hair & makeup took over.

Obviously I loved it even more after when the song came into the equation as well…but make no mistake, I think an inventive intro like you’ll find on this video absolutely gives it even more of an edge, tells more of the story, and allows it even more opportunity to stand out to the people out there.

There is beautiful contrast between the melancholy lyricism and uplifting, empowered sound of the music…all tied together insightfully well through the concepts you’ll see onscreen in the video for “Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep” – any words I could write to support it still won’t justify just how cool the experience of checking this single out truly IS.  So watch it, listen, watch it again and listen some more…Strangejuice has created something vividly surreal and special here on this new song…there’s a magic in this indie-folk sound Mike is letting out into the world, and if the videos continue to echo the ambitious & artistic focus that clearly plays a role in this project…there’s no limits to what Strangejuice could accomplish or how truly unique this music & art combination can become.

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