Splizzard – “Wartime” Featuring Chekmayte & D-Slay

 Splizzard – “Wartime” Featuring Chekmayte & D-Slay

Splizzard – “Wartime” Featuring Chekmayte & D-Slay – Music Video Release/Review

I got straight-up chills watching & listening to this video…this is seriously powerful stuff.

Relevant as it gets for right here & right now, this collaboration is in full-effect and using their platform in music for the greater good of us all.  Whether it’s through the sheer amount of information & knowledge spit throughout the bars of this new single “Wartime” or an education that’ll happen via osmosis just by experiencing what Splizzard, Chekmayte, & D-Slay are layin’ down – one way or the other, I hope everyone out there has a chance to really listen to their words and absorb what they say.

First of all – notice the BEAT y’all – and take a minute or two to recognize what an important role it plays in “Wartime” and the entire atmosphere of this vibe.  You could cut the intensity & tension with a knife – right from the drop you can feel the gravity of the weight of this track start crushin’ ya – and if you’re watching the video expertly directed by Spyder Da Chieff then you get the powerful visuals that come along with it that match the intentions of this track and help “Wartime” connect on a whole other level.  Check this out for yourself – and pay attention!  Click play on “Wartime” by Splizzard featuring Chekmayte & D-Slay below – you gonna learn something today here at the page!

In a way…I’d obviously hope that many of you out there aren’t learning a thing at all – that you KNOW this stuff that Splizzard, Chekmayte, & D-Slay are spittin’ so confidently & capably on the mic is REAL and happening RIGHT NOW in our world today…because every word they’ve written into this track is the truth, full-stop.  Sadly they know and I know that’s not the case…that so much awareness is still required to wake the people up in-full and for real change to occur…and that anything positive happening while #45 is in the building is probably out of the question unless the PEOPLE make it happen – and that’s why they’re here, rappin’ these bars, in hopes to snap a few listeners out of their slumber to take action.  It’s as necessary as it is altruistic – I’ve got mad respect for what these emcees have had the courage to bring up on “Wartime” – this goes beyond music into being something all-out important for all to hear.

I mean look…I’m writing this here in Canada…I can’t even remotely pretend I have their perspective on what’s happening down south – it looks like absolute madness & chaos to me from afar, but living it would be a whole other story – one that many of you out there can relate to.  And you can feel it – I know you can…Splizzard, Chekmayte, & D-Slay – they know it too – things are shifting…and if the people don’t rise up to meet the challenge, we’re all in some real trouble no matter where it is we’re livin.’  They’ve made a big move by shooting this video right there at The White House…everything about this song from the video to what you’ll see onscreen is making a statement…one that again, I hope we all hear.  “Wartime” is a call to action and it rings loud & clear; this crew is armed with facts, knowledge, will, determination, and the skills to incite change – this is the kind of single that should affect you on some level…and if for some reason it doesn’t dear readers, dear friends…I’d be worried if I were you.  What they’re all bringing up, from the political points they make, to their observations on society’s role in what’s happening right now, is a reflection of us all in many ways…they’re holding a mirror up to us all to have a good look and see what’s really going on…and it should hit ya right in the humanity…right there in the feels…it should click-in mentally that what this crew is rapping about needs to be changed.

Honestly I can’t say enough about this, or praise what these three emcees have come up with through words well enough to justify what the actual experience of listening or watching this video is really like.  I think every single one of them brings their A-game, right when it’s needed most on a track like this to drive all these points home with the savage dose of seriousness this situation deserves.  Splizzard is killer, right from the opening bars he’s electrifying and pulls you right in with a gripping performance on the m-i-c, setting the entire stage & standard for the rest to follow – and just like you want in a your posse, he’s got incredible backup here.  Chekmayte flexes a stylistically smooth flow that glides from bar to bar and D-Slay brings this track home with fluid rhymes that flow perfectly to the end of the last verse on “Wartime.”  EVERY one of these emcees drops huge knowledge bombs and important words throughout their verses – to separate one apart from the other would damn near be a disservice to this whole song – they ALL bring it, and they all succeed in doing so.

Incredible effort by everyone involved – I’d easily put this up there with the best of 2019 so far without question…this is the kind of cut that can genuinely make a difference out there.  Awesome single, awesome video – “Wartime” is an important cut that stands for something real – and these three emcees deserve a massive fist-bump for being verbal champions, genuine wordsmiths, and leading the way when it comes to being that change we need.

I highly recommend you find out more about Splizzard at the official pages below – this emcee is making music that matters.

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1DzrBm-teM1hjDtnhiwzxA
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thesplizzard
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Splizzard
Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/artist-splizzard

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