speakeazie – “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy”

 speakeazie – “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy”

speakeazie – “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” – Single Review

Now where on earth has speakeazie been all my life?  THIS is music I can definitely get behind.  I’ll admit, I’ve been on a fairly good run of decent tunes as of late, from a whole variety of styles…there are so many fantastic new voices and hard-workin’ artists out there in this scene we share that deserve credit for what they create I tell ya.  But THIS…you’ll find me listening to speakeazie from here on in folks.

So WHY is that, you ask?  Great question, and thanks for asking.  The best part of the answer I can give you perhaps, is to say that I’m honestly not entirely sure – music speaks to us all on levels we don’t always understand, and at different times, for unique reasons that aren’t always comprehendible.  For myself, I put on “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” for the first time, and it’s like speakeazie put a key into a lock on my soul, twisted it, and opened it – make sense?  It was that immediate acceptance with no hesitation, like bumping into a friend from long ago and reconnecting with ease…and here we are now, never to leave each other ever again.  I might have only had “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” in my speakers for the same short amount of time I get with anyone’s tunes in this strange world of being a music-critic, but each solitary second of this experience has been much more precious than most y’all – that’s what I’m tellin’ ya.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite singles of 2022 so far for certain.

As far as tangibles that I can cite for ya goes…lemme see what I can tell ya that could potentially apply to you too in terms of why you’d wanna listen to this new single from speakeazie.  Vibe-wise, there’s no doubt she’s got a highly relevant sound for the right here & now…but like…listen to how this draws on Post-Punk will ya?  It’s like she was able to take The Cure’s Disintegration, and update the feeling you’d get from listening to that album in a way that can reach people today…and it’s nothing short of amazing.  So you get this haunting melody that exists and thrives between the beat & the guitar…the distance that you’ll find between the music and the vocals at points like speakeazie is a shadow singing into our world from the darkest corners of the alley in your mind – yet at her most vibrant moments, also connect with an extremely badass combination of grace, jazz, swagger, and style that’s refreshing AF too.  From what I’ve read, she’s into the whole ‘noir’ thing…so that explains some of the darkness you’ll find shrouding her sound like clouds rolling in to make a home above your head for the day…and coincidentally, she’s actually got a song called “Disintegrate” on her album Prohibition Hippie that came out earlier this year – so maybe The Cure reference might not even be as far-fetched as you think, despite what’s essentially completely different sounds overall.  There is SO MUCH ART in a song like this, that I’m genuinely blown away by the level of accessibility you’ll find within “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” as well…this is the kind of song we’re talking about; the kind where I’d be more shocked if you didn’t like it, than if you did.

From the vocalizations that start it out, you know you’re on solid ground with her ethereal vibe instantly making a massive impression on ya through the stylistically slick sound she sings with – and when the verses come in, speakeazie’s nothing less than 100% captivating in the way she approaches her vocals.  At that point, the chorus itself really becomes like bonus material – admit it, you were already in for whatever came next by that point…that’s what I mean – speakeazie’s knocked this single SO FAR outta the park, and so quickly, that even if she had a complete meltdown in the chorus somehow, she’s still have secured a thumbs-up of approval from more than half of us listening to the song overall.  Having said that, I’m proud to report, there’s anything but an implosion in the chorus – speakeazie somehow found a way to take a great song, and make it even greater in that moment…the main hooks come out shining brilliantly…as genuinely catchy as they are innovative, heartfelt, evocative, and perfectly present in this very moment.  The craziest thing is that, no matter how many times you’ve played it, the hooks still sound insanely fresh…like this moment you’re in while listening, will never become any less special than it is right now.  I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t quite know how she’s gone about doing all that – I’d wager a guess it’s the sound of an artist that has found their way to exactly what they’re authentically meant to be doing in this life & already thriving within the art & music that speakeazie is creating for us.

This is the kind of song that I feel LUCKY to have been able to listen to…to have been able to witness…to know that it existed, and will always exist from here on in, because there’s something timeless being started here in speakeazie’s music, style, and sound.  My memory for music is a million miles long – and I can tell ya right here, right now, that I will always remember this moment…I ain’t ever gonna forget hearing “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” and I’d be surprised if I felt any different about listening to it for the hundredth time…which…incidentally…is a threshold I might have already crossed.  I’ve put GROOVES into the digital copy of this track like its vinyl y’all, and I still can’t get enough of it.  speakeazie – you’re rockin’ my world there friend-o…you’ll have to scan these pages of ours to verify that I don’t just feel like this about every single song I listen to of course, but once you realize that this is indeed the case, and how truly rare, special, unique, and all-out incredible “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” IS…know that there’s only one thing that could possibly be left to say after all that I’ve written – and that’s ‘thank you.

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