Soul Recruiter – “Tone City Streetz” Featuring Warren Young

 Soul Recruiter – “Tone City Streetz” Featuring Warren Young

Soul Recruiter – “Tone City Streetz” Featuring Warren Young – Single Review

Busy year for Soul Recruiter…this will be the fourth time we’ve had’em here in review in 2019.  Ain’t gonna lie…that becomes a challenge on the writing end of things when it’s all so close together!  But here we are, brand-new single, “Tone City Streetz,” featuring Warren Young, push the ol’ play button below & get yourself a sample of what’s up…

I’ll say this…Soul Recruiter probably has one of the most identifiable sounds out there right now…there’s just no mistaking where these low-end driven vibes come from & the familiar flow you’ll find on the mic.  Obviously there’s a lot of great things about that…any artist/band would be so lucky as to have such a recognizable sound from song to song & record to record.  Hearing a lot in a short timeframe will point out the similarities that exist between the material…and as a regular listener, there’s a solid chance you could end up wanting for a little more variety when it comes to the sound of Soul Recruiter…that’s a possibility.  Facts are facts though – Soul Recruiter does Soul Recruiter better than anyone else out there that’s not Soul Recruiter – you feel me?  It’s not a project trying to be like anything or anyone else.  There is a purpose to SR’s music that’s rooted in faith…the stellar production & sound is an asset, but it’s the message that always reigns supreme.  The new single goes deep into the gritty imagery of hustling in “Tone City Streetz” and the tough situations Soul Recruiter went through growing up, selling weed, dating exotic dancers, going to jail, people trying to kill him & whatnot…that’s the magic of SR’s music and part of that identity popping up again…what’s being rapped about is never in the setting or about the subject you’d expect to find faith-based music so willing to go.  And that applies to the vast majority of the entire genre at large, no doubt about it…that’s one of the main gateways into Soul Recruiter’s music, that realness & rawness – and of course the willingness boldly share real-life experience in an effort to lead by example in how to get life back on track & onto the straight & narrow for those that need the help.

I’m probably in the school of ‘the more words, the better’ when it comes to lyrics – and throughout the verses, Soul Recruiter excels & adds a ton of details throughout the storyline you’ll hear to make the image of this scenario clear in your mind.  The chorus takes it to the simplified-but-effective hook that works its magic through rhythm & repetition, much like you’d find music that has a similar style/sound to Soul Recruiter, but of course, likely to contain a completely different message no matter what artist you ended up finding as a comparison.  Vocals are strong though…and I get it, sometimes that’s the way a hook gets designed, that melody, that rhythm, that flow…it’s catchy, it all stacks up, & it’ll definitely get people singing along.  Would I prefer more words?  Of course!  But that’s personal preference, so who cares?  Like I said, facts are facts…Soul Recruiter does what Soul Recruiter does very well – and apparently consistently!

Flow is on-point, production is as well…these are things we’ve come to know & expect from Soul Recruiter; guest-star Warren Young adds a lot of charisma to the vocals in the hooks.  In keeping with the collaborative spirit of SR’s past music like “A Better Way” that featured Nichole Turner & NoahSoundz or “Streetz Of AK” that featured Warren Young as well, it’s often the guest stars that lend a great deal to what creates a bit of separation in sound between these songs & singles for the people to distinguish.  Quality of sound is there, the bars are always there & constructed with a bulletproof pattern & serious cadence…you feel the weight of the words that Soul Recruiter spits, that’s another noteworthy part of this project’s identity that separates it from the rest of what’s out there…every word is meant here.  Smooth beat, chill vibe…it’s definitely another solid cut for Soul Recruiter; I’m starting to suspect that if you like some, you’ll like it all…because again, that’s how powerfully recognizable this signature style is.  “Tone City Streetz” is further proof that you can turn turmoil into triumph – Soul Recruiter always points the way out of the dark & into the light and this new single is certainly no exception to that rule.  Always mission-minded and looking to relate to those out there that need an assist, Soul Recruiter remains a continual beacon of hope, faith, and guidance for all who listen.

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