Sky_FP – “Mind Dance”

 Sky_FP – “Mind Dance”

I tell ya folks…if I could go back in time & do it all again, I’d be making a lot more music than just writing about it.  Given that I can’t of course, I take solace in the fact that I get an opportunity to check out the actual future superstars of our musical universe and tomorrows to come, just like good ol’ Sky_FP here.

Talent like this should be fully embraced and completely encouraged, that’s the real bottom line.  Sky_FP is only fifteen years old, and she’s got a remarkably bright future ahead of her if she remains as committed and as dedicated to the art of making music as she has since she was only FIVE years old!  Amazing!  While we tend to run into artists and bands whose interests waver over the years of their careers – young Sky_FP here is already proving that just about every single one of us needs to step up our game creatively, and immerse ourselves in the craft of making music like she has ever since she discovered her connection to it.  No joke folks – she’s already passed her 8th Grade classical piano from the Trinity Music Institution and she’s working on her DIPLOMA – and she’s only FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!  To say that’s inspiring to me would be to put it mildly – I wanna be like Sky_FP when I finally grow up one day.  To be inspired by the future generation like this…what else can I say?  It’s an honor and a privilege.

She doesn’t JUST have her eyes set on one aspect of the craft, she’s looking to completely produce her own music from the ground up – that’s astounding ambition for an artist her age, and on her debut single “Mind Dance” – she proves she’s already entirely capable.  It’s a stellar single, any way you slice it, no matter if you consider the fact it’s a debut or her young age – it really doesn’t seem to matter at all – by any standard of measurement & conceivable definition, “Mind Dance” would be considered a quality song at any stage of a career.  And she’s just getting started!  C’mon folks – Sky_FP is definitely going places with her music, and she’s got all the right pieces in place to turn her dreams into her daily reality.  She did this ALL on her own…everything you’ll hear…lyrics, melody, arrangement, instrumentation, the composition – the entire track – AND…she sings it in TWO languages, both Thai and English.  I’m tellin’ ya – Sky_FP is nothing short of a miracle in the making – she even made the video for “Mind Dance” as well…for all of fifteen years old, truly she’s nothing short of incredible with the right mindset for music.  This business can be a tough one & there’s no doubt about that – but with commitment to the craft like she already has, the easier it can be to make an impression when you’re involved on every possible level & as immersed in the art as Sky_FP has been for what’s basically been the length of her entire life so far.

You can hear in the clever composition & design of “Mind Dance” that Sky_FP could go on to be a Pop star, an Indie artist with verifiable credibility, or even find her way into making musicals if she wanted to – this one single alone indicates she’s capable of doing anything she sets her mind to with the talent she has.  Considering that like all artists & bands out there, she’s going to evolve and continue to grow from here…I mean…the implications are almost staggering for her future to follow, and the possibilities for what she could go on to create, are theoretically endless already.  What I’m tellin’ ya is, Sky_FP’s got the magic required to make music sincerely connect, has an incredible understanding of what makes a hook make an impact on us as listeners – she’s got a full-on memorable & single-worthy song with “Mind Dance” that reveals the heart of a passionate & imaginative artist with an amazingly bright future ahead.  From its compelling dream-like sound to the lyricism that echoes the unconscious mind at its most free, Sky_FP has already proven that she’s got the genuine focus of a veteran in the music-scene, straight-up.

I’m more than impressed, that much I can tell you for sure.  Not only have I listened to her single “Mind Dance” personally, but I’ve gone on to check out the rest of what she’s got out there so far and Sky_FP continued to reveal what a special talent she truly is through her follow-up single on the emotionally powerfully “Unforgotten” – and as of today, she’s also posted up an incredibly ambitious & mesmerizing song called “Deep Universe” that is fifteen plus-minutes long, featuring this young artist doing improv piano!  The confidence is absolutely inspiring…Sky_FP will have YOU wanting to create your own art, no matter how old you are or how you choose to do it – that’s the level of inspiration you’ll find within her spirit, sound, attitude, and aura – she’s a true gem that is already sparkling & shining in this beautiful music scene we share together, and each single she’s put out so far will reveal the X-factor in this young artist more & more – just listen – you couldn’t possibly miss it.  “Mind Dance” is a remarkable start and debut, no doubt whatsoever about that – but I can guarantee ya, as you find your way into the stunning emotion threaded into the lyricism & sentiment of “Unforgotten,” and the sensational piano music on “Deep Universe” – Sky_FP is not only going to be on your radar, but permanently on your playlists from here going forward.  She’s got a genuine gift for composition & performance, production & songwriting – and she’s got every reason to believe that a lifelong career making music is exactly where she belongs.

Will it all get even better over time?  Of course it will – and rightly so!  Artists like Sky_FP as immersed in their craft as they are, always end up learning all kinds of new things throughout the course of their career.  Think of it this way – if she’s already THIS impressive with what she’s doing now – she’s going to continue to wow us all, time & time again as she establishes her name in music over these next years to come.  “Mind Dance” is a stellar introduction to an artist that could very well go on to conquer the international music-scene from one side of the map to the other in the future – Sky_FP should be incredibly proud of what she’s accomplished so far already – and massively excited about her future to follow.  She’s unique, she’s got a beautiful voice, her ideas stand out, and she’s making remarkable choices in how she’s designing her material…all-in-all, Sky_FP proves she’s 100% destined for success.

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