Simon Kosta – “Escape To Paradise”

 Simon Kosta – “Escape To Paradise”

Dig the atmosphere, dig the aura, dig the vibe – Simon Kosta has discovered a gorgeous combination of instrumental electro-chill sounds to create the stunning new single “Escape To Paradise.”  With all the right bounce & energy your speakers & ears are truly craving, Kosta’s “Escape To Paradise” surges with spectacular dimension & depth, in addition to the shiny sparkle of its production – you can tell from this one cut alone that Simon’s got the professional touch when it comes to making music.  It’s fun, highly dynamic & melodic, and continuously enticing to listen to at all times – you KNOW that’s what ya want in the tunes you’re turning up out there on your playlists!  “Escape To Paradise” is a serious must-have when it comes to calling any list complete in 2020 – Simon Kosta has created a bold & beautiful single that reveals just as much heart in its melody as it does skill throughout its structure – it’s an extremely strong cut with relentlessly catchy hooks that are bound to heat up the summer in all the right ways for a whole lotta listeners out there around the globe – check it out for yourself below!

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