Simon Andersson – “Better Day”

 Simon Andersson – “Better Day”

Powerful songwriting & highly memorable melody lead the way to victory for artist Simon Andersson on his latest single “Better Day.”  Armed with conviction in his words, stunning vocals, and a meaningful song that shines a bright light into the darkness to bring a little hope into this world via music & video – Simon is as compelling as he is entertaining as he sings with bold confident tones, knowing that as much as we’ve all go through, that “Better Day” we’re looking for, is right around the corner.  “Sometimes you just need a friend” as he’ll explain…”someone on who you can depend” – Andersson’s new single is a true reminder of how important that connection between us truly is, and how crucial it can be to be there for each other in every way that we’re capable of.  As cleverly introspective as it is remarkably relatable – “Better Day” rises up to reveal incredibly inspired & empowered sound & sentiment combined into single-worthy hooks that dig deeper than just another great song – Simon’s created a verifiable lifeline to many through his latest tune; a reminder that there’s nothing we can’t achieve, together – and that none of us are ever really alone.  The whole vibe reaches such extraordinary heights that it puts Andersson right on the rooftops of his new video to overlook the city below while he sings and jams out an impeccable guitar-solo for ya; he’s put all the right heart, energy, sincerity & passion into every moment of this single & video…and as a result, he’s created an unforgettable moment in time that everyone can feel resonate within them just as much as they’ll find listening & watching it is equally uplifting overall – check out the latest from Simon Andersson below – you’ll have yourself a “Better Day” by clickin’ it!

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