Silver Circle – “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1”

 Silver Circle – “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1”

Silver Circle – “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1” – New Viral-Mix Release!

Already generating a large-buzz and tremendous accolades through online reviews and comments – Silver Circle has launched & released his first video/EDM music-mix and is receiving credit where credit is due for a job massively well-done on his spectacular “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1.” Complete with the wild-dynamics of the genre that have made it stand-out since its inception – from the mix, to the sample-selection, editing and production, Silver Circle makes it audibly clear in this debut release that he certainly knows what he’s doing at those studio-boards & mixing-decks…and has every right to be here, solidly entrenching himself in the Electro music-scene today.

It’s impressive to see a mix take flight like this, nearly 25000 hits within only a week into its release. People are clearly responding to the energy and diverse selection of sounds and samples that includes songs like Macklemore & Lewis’ “Like The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us” and probably a handful more or so are used in the mix, sound incredible and would no doubt be recognizable more easily to dedicated fans of the genre than they are for myself. I just know what sounds good – and the way that Silver Circle has the mix all perfectly arranged and ready for you to enjoy throughout every moment is quite honestly inspiring. Proving there is quite an art and gift to their ability in structuring, assembling and transitioning through a wide-variety of versatile electro-rhythms and grooves – the “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1” appears to already be putting the music on the map and making an impact globally.

Makes perfect sense to me!

Through the seventeen-plus minute mix of wild, exotic & vibrant sounds you get all your ears could ever ask for inside the EDM genre. Like a buffet for the ol’ ears…that kinda thing. And honestly – I can’t be as far removed from the electro-circuits as I might think I am sometimes…I mean…I had my hands in the air at the exact time somewhere around the three-thirty mark in the “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1” right as the music asked for it! The strange part of that story is that I really had no idea it was coming and I’m sitting here in the studio control-room by myself entirely…but up the hands went, as if on cue. But isn’t that just how it works when music moves through you? That has to be the reason people dance right? All of a sudden the music takes a hold of you…you become powerless and you give in to start twerkin’ it up…or doing the jitterbug…I don’t know what dances people do – but those ones. They do those ones!

But I’d also hazard a guess that it’s not so much about the surrender of control as it is a blissful, beautiful symbiotic-relationship between music and ourselves that really makes this happen. With the expert & professional approach Silver Circle has to the mix and the smartly-chosen array of sounds and samples that combine the infamously rich, big-swells and pulses of EDM all firing-off at the perfect moments – it’s bound to catch everyone’s attention firmly and make that strong connection. Silver Circle is just getting started…but with the way he builds & builds & builds the excitement and intensity with precision, passion & skill in mixes like the “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1” – there’s probably not much chance at staying a secret for very long. Especially not when the word is spreading as quickly as it is for Silver Circle, who’s put in every reason to give the music a solid-listening that you could ever dream-up within the seventeen minutes of soaring electro melody, precision-cuts and wild-ideas brought to life through clever, vibrant and passionate production.

It’s a fantastic & wild-journey – check out the “Silver Circle EDM Mix 1” below and support Silver Circle at Facebook here:

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