SICK MMICK – “To Find Crossing”

 SICK MMICK – “To Find Crossing”

SICK MMICK – “To Find Crossing” – Music Video Post

I’m just sayin’ – if it ends up being up to me as to which video I’m gonna post out of choice between a really excellent song with just the album artwork, a decent cut with a whole bunch of nature scenes, or a dank-ass dose of musical mayhem & menace to go with a whole bunch of rad old-school footage & flashy effects…well…I mean c’mon now – guess which one I’m going with?  You telling me you’d make a different choice?  You would not!  Especially not after seeing how intensely badass “To Find Crossing” looks onscreen in this trippin’ visual pairing to go with the gritty vibes in this new single by SICK MMICK.

In that darkened vein of hard-hitting music like you’d find in Shellac, The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans, or The Big Ups – with maybe a slight hint of something from the mainstream that packs enough punch in the mix, like King’s X at their most ferocious – SICK MMICK works with a slick hybrid of Post Hardcore sound, vicious Noise Rock, and gritty Experimental/Psychedelic vibes that come straight from the roots of the underground scene.  Not only do I love the video that comes with “To Find Crossing,” but let’s be real here – this single goes straight for the throat with a savage dose of grippingly mischievous sound at its core – it’s as different in comparison to the majority of what you listen to as it is entertaining for the very same reasons – SICK MMICK sounds every bit as incensed, fired up and beastly, as he does inspired.

It’s just non-stop, deadly, threatening energy that seethes straight outta your speakers, sparing none of us any quarter in dominating our screens & stereo systems – SICK MMICK makes music that makes an impact, and there’s simply no way anyone watching or listening could deny that.  Every time SICK MMICK hits the chorus of “To Find Crossing” with such punishing energy and sheer sonic power, I’m ready to start throwing chairs through my studio walls over here…it’s like the raw electric energy of an entire riot at its most intense; you just wanna kick & shout & thrash along with the main hooks of this cut with everything you got.  It’s an INTENSE song y’all – that’s what I’m tellin’ ya – not for the faint of heart out there, you feel me?  But if you’ve got the stones to listen to a tune strong enough to try & take your lunch money from ya, that looms like the shadow of a giant foot ready to stomp out your humble village with one crunchy step, that’s guaranteed to rumble & shake your walls while the video messes with your brainwaves – this very well may be the one cut you can’t live without this year – check it out!

“To Find Crossing” comes from the new album by SICK MMICK called The Wangle – find out more from the official homepage at:

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