Shawn Lemelle – “Fade Away Love”

 Shawn Lemelle – “Fade Away Love”

Shawn Lemelle – “Fade Away Love” – Music Video Post

The man’s got style y’all – you can hear it in his song, you can see it in his video – Shawn Lemelle has got the vibe, and flexes all kinds of stylistic finesse from sight to sound on his single “Fade Away Love.”  Shawn’s got a stellar grip on how to use the rhythm of his words to his advantage – you can hear the vibrant bounce in every syllable he’s singing for ya as hits each line with professional precision & passion – a track like “Fade Away Love” is built for the right here & now and what’s happening out there in the scene right now.  Considering it came out towards the end of last year in December, clearly Lemelle was already a step ahead of the rest when it was first released, and settin’ the trends for the rest to follow.

“Fade Away Love” puts the real art of the hook through your speakers while the video puts the main star of the show right in the center of the spotlight.  Hittin’ up a tropical setting to shoot the visuals for “Fade Away Love” – even in the middle of the jungle, you’ll never catch the man anything less than fresh to death!  Shawn’s rockin’ designer clothes, and surrounded by beautiful ladies from the left to the rights; I have no idea where this slice of paradise he’s found is, but rest assured – you WILL want to go to there.  Expertly directed by Josh Fields – the video looks every bit as slick as the sound sounds, making for a highly effective & vibrant pairing that gives Lemelle’s single every opportunity & advantage it needs to make an impact on ya in everything you’ll see, to everything you’ll hear.  You can’t argue with the hooks Shawn’s put into “Fade Away Love” to begin with – and when you factor in the gorgeous video he’s got supporting his song, the people out there should have no problem finding their way into his music.

Stunning use of colors & vibrant imagery all throughout the video for “Fade Away Love” – there’s no doubt that Shawn’s got extremely eye-catching visuals to check out while you’re having a listen to him glide through his single with stylistically slick rhythm & flow.  From what I can tell and what I can see out there online on his pages, it looks like “Fade Away Love” is the official debut release single from Shawn Lemelle – and from the sound & look of things, if he keeps the quality up & every bit as consistent as he brings it to the scenes & vibe of this track right here, he’s got himself a solid career ahead of him as he surges into these next years to come.  I’m feelin’ it – and I’m confident you will be too – “Fade Away Love” puts Shawn’s personality, charisma, and stylistic sound on display from all angles, and signals the takeover; Lemelle’s got the juice & a wildly relevant cut that’s every bit as single-worthy as you wanna hear – he’s got that hybrid style that you know you love, and a rhythmic flow that confirms he’s ready for that next-level.  Show the man some love and support y’all – tune-in, turn UP – click on “Fade Away Love” & get yourself a sample of what Shawn Lemelle brings to the music-scene with his debut single.

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