Shannon – “Do You Know”

 Shannon – “Do You Know”

Here’s what I know Shannon.  Considering the fact that you get about hundreds of thousands of hits out there online and have a following online that far exceeds our own here at sleepingbagstudios – clearly you don’t need my advice when it comes to your music or career; you’re absolutely on the right path already.  It’s always interesting to be a reviewer and dive into a song that’s gone on to amass a huge amount of clicks & views & realize that, no matter how much music a person like myself might be able to listen to, when you’re at staring hundreds of thousands of plays & listens online, you understand you’ll never be able to listen to everything that’s out there, no matter how hard a guy like me might try.  I’m obviously late to climb aboard Shannon’s bandwagon…and at this point with the legions of fans that are already here, I feel lucky just to be able to find myself a seat still!  That being said, he’s still remarkably young…I might have missed out on the roots of the beginning of his career, but trust me when I say that from this one single “Do You Know” alone, you can tell he’s got longevity in his future.

He’s got the look, he’s got the sound, he plays, he sings, he writes songs – he’s already recording STELLAR singles like “Do You Know” for goodness sake!  Shannon’s got every right & reason to believe he’s got what it takes to make it in this music business with the numbers he’s already pulling in and the quality of the songs he’s creating.  Sure I spend a lot of my days in Rock, Rap, Indie, and Folk here at these pages of ours for the vast majority of what seems to come our way – but as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m a melody guy when it comes right down to it – and that’s where Shannon shows all the hallmarks of a superstar in the making to me.  Because melody alone, can be a very great thing…that’s obvious to just about all of us I’m sure – but it’s the combination of melody + genuine passion & sincerity that makes all the difference in the world, and that’s where an artist like Shannon truly shines.

And it’s as a result of this…this authentic interest in learning his craft and turning his dreams of making music as a career into his reality, even at such a young age…that commitment & dedication he’s putting in is already clearly paying off.  Sure, gigantic hit counts are a great thing…a whole bunch of wonderfully supportive followers is equally cool…but at the end of the day, to me, it’s always gonna be about the music and that’s always what matters most – and I have the feeling, Shannon likely feels the same way.  When I listen to “Do You Know” I can hear that he’s slow-rockin’ with a highly relevant style for right now…but none of it feels contrived…he sounds organic & natural, and he sings from the heart – because that’s where his music is so obviously coming from, and would be to anyone listening.  The point is, that due to the amount of effort he’s putting in, the amount of natural talent he has, and the focus he’s applied in getting the truest version of his own thoughts & feelings into the music he’s making – you’ll find that a single like “Do You Know” is mature far beyond a young artist like Shannon’s years on earth.  I mean that in the best of ways…the vibe suits him and he’s got great ideas in the hooks that show his songwriting is already at a level of that of a veteran that’s spent decades in the music-scene; Shannon’s got more than a head-start on a very bright future – he’s already making amazing songs right NOW!

If you’re here to check out the video for “Do You Know” because you tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier on today – cheers to you!  If you haven’t checked that out yet – make sure to do that by clicking here – not only do we spin “Do You Know” for ya on the show, but I’ll fill you in on more details about Shannon and the incredible year he’s been having with his music too.  Suffice it to say here in-print, I think he’s got a tremendous future ahead of him if he keeps this level of focus, commitment, and passion up over these crucial next years to come in his career as an artist.  He’s nailed the Electro-Pop/R&B style sound on “Do You Know” so impeccably that you’d have to be crazy not to bet on Shannon to go the distance with his music – he’s displaying all the hallmarks of superb songwriting and a true understanding of what makes melody connect to the hearts & minds that’ll be listening.  I’ve got no problems whatsoever putting my chips all-in on Shannon…he’s got a lot of life to live still, and who knows what post-pandemic life becomes for the music-scene over these next years to follow…but by all accounts & measures of how things typically go when you see & hear what’s in an artist like Shannon, it all adds up to big-time success and a long & fruitful career both in the spotlight direct, and also as a songwriter in the industry.

Keep’em on your radar and playlists for sure – Shannon’s gonna be around for a very long time, and that’s a very good thing for each and every one of us listening, watching, and following him along.

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