Shane Scheib – “Roller Coaster Night”

 Shane Scheib – “Roller Coaster Night”

If you’re looking for a track that’s gonna bring a celebratory spirit to your speakers – try this tune on for size!  Shane Scheib has got an undeniable set of memorable melodies and spectacular hooks working well in his favor on the ‘radio version’ of his latest single “Roller Coaster Night” – it’s absolutely the kind of cut that’s gonna have you singing along, loud’n’proud.  With enticing verses leading into brilliantly constructed, colorful, and heartwarming hooks in the chorus, there’s no doubt whatsoever that Shane’s put together a song that’s essential to your own life’s soundtrack.  Flawless vocals from the main man himself, severe bonus points for the incredible tone on the snare drum, and essential contributions from flashy moves made on the bass & guitars – everything comes together perfectly here.  Highly repeatable and a genuinely great tune to listen to, it’s stocked full of sweet party vibes, with a video built of solid fun to support it – “Roller Coaster Night” is that audible good-time your ears & eyes are seeking out – so do the right thing and click on the new video/single from Shane Scheib below and treat yo’self!

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