Shagpile – “These Boots”

 Shagpile – “These Boots”

Shagpile – “These Boots” – Single Review/Call To Action!

As we always expect from this artist, Shagpile has once again constructed a song with real heart.  With a gentle twang and sweet sliding guitar notes sounding as warm and friendly as ever – the signature sound of his inviting melodies comes quickly to the forefront of his brand-new single “These Boots.”  At first to be honest…I figured we might be in for a cover of the Lee Hazlewood song made famous by Nancy Sinatra…but that wasn’t the case…

Instead…what I found was a song/artist with a purpose.  As it turns out, “These Boots” was written to help raise awareness for the Music In Hospitals charity based in the UK – and it seems our musical hero Shagpile is once again out to make the world a better place.  What a guy!  The added details you need to know here, are that the single itself is released on October 7th everywhere you can find music online – and donations prior to that time will get you this tender tune even earlier, on October 1st.  PLUS…you get that added feel-good benefit of doing the right thing for a great cause…everyone can use a little bit more of that in their life right?  The charity promotes the use of music as a get-well tool…they arrange for music to be played to patients right there in the hospitals/care-centers for the clear & tangible therapeutic benefits it carries straight to the hearts & minds of those that need it most.

And while I would have certainly admired the sweetness of Shagpile’s “These Boots” with its bright-eyed, wonder-filled, warm & inspirational melody if it had played from my stereo without knowing its backstory…I gotta admit…in knowing the full-story, it really makes you root for a song like this.  I maintain…I’m honest to a fault and even in a charity situation if there was a comment to make on how he could improve this tune somehow, I’d make it – but the facts and music speak for itself; there’s nothing to knock here.  Shagpile’s written a truly beautiful tune that sounds innocent, sweet and sincere in its good intentions…the melody, tone and atmosphere are blissfully free-sounding…truly relaxed, comfortable and incredibly inviting to the ear.

Knowing that an artist like Shagpile is out there lending his talents for the greater good certainly makes me smile.  Listen to “These Boots” and try to convince me that YOU wouldn’t be smiling if you were laid-up in the hospital and these sounds came drifting into your room from down the hall as they came closer towards you.  A skillful musician with a genuinely huge, loving heart – “These Boots” is the kind of song guaranteed to bring a smile about and soothe the soul…it really is incredibly sweet in all the right ways.  Shagpile truly sounds right in his element on this tune…fueled by the inspiration in the purpose and mission behind the music, delivering melody, rhythm and a personal touch of warm sincerity.

To sum it all up here…you KNOW what the right thing to do is!  Click the link below to find out more about the Music In Hospitals charity and get your donation in to help assist Shagpile and this fantastic organization that truly recognizes the healing powers of music for what they can really accomplish.

Read more about Shagpile’s story and donate through this link here:

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